Saturday, July 21, 2007

Politcal Rant: The Religious Right

I can't find a good way to start this, so I'm just going to throw it out there:

I can't stand it when a presidential candidate enters the race, and claims that he goes to church, or has "churchy" views, and all of a sudden every single religious person thinks he's the man for the presidency.

To quote the Geico cavemen:


Seriously. Like Fred Thompson. I watched him on Jay Leno when he announced he wanted to run for office. Well, "announcing" is kind of a strong word...

Upon being asked if he wanted to run, he responded by saying that there were some things that he would like to do that only the president can sure..why not.

WHAT KIND OF ANSWER IS THAT? pathetic. From what I've heard, and I totally saw it when I watched this interview, is that the man is L-A-Z-Y. If theres anything I DON'T want my president to be, its lazy. But, because he goes to church, a bunch of people are going to vote for him. Bush went to church and he was/is a schmuck.

As for me, I want someone that transcends party lines, that gets things done that need to be done, corporate agenda's aside.

I honestly wouldn't mind if Schwarzenegger were able to be pres. But thats another blog.


The CineManiac said...

Schwarzenegger. Just saying.

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