Sunday, July 29, 2007

Republica Dominicana

Sipping on a Pina Colada at La Playa Grande

I live in Colorado for a reason. I like it cold. I like the crisp, non-humid air, I love mountains, not beaches.

So interesting that for my first international adventure I chose to go to the Dominican Republic.

My friends from college, Holly and TJ, are in the middle of a 2 year missionary stint in a small mountain and beach village of Rio San Juan. They work with shoeshine kids there.

So after catching a 1am flight out of JFK into Santiago, I had embarked on a 5 day air conditionless, and often electricity and waterless adventure. Hot water did not exist there, nor did you really want it to.

The first meal I had there was at a small tin roofed house in the mountains. The lady there cooked an unbelievable amount of rice and beans for everyone. It was an experience...theres no way I can put it into words.

The locale of my first dominican meal.

During the trip we had dominican hamburgers, almost had TJ thrown in jail in Puerta Plata for not having a $1.50 sticker on the car, SOME of us had corn flavored ice-cream, and stretched the little spanish I knew, trying to form something people can understand. (Such as "donde esta mi amigo!!!???" when, while tj was trying to get out of going to jail, I was hunting him down hoping he wasn't in the back room being bludgeoned to death.)

I refuse to give a day by day, step by step account of what happened, because if that happened and I were YOU, I would stop reading right here. So it will be told by pictures, a lot of which were NOT taken by me, since, as you noticed in my last post, my camera was sitting in the baggage room at the chicago airport. (It is now safe and sound here at the crash pad.)

But before we get started I want to say that I LOVED it on the island. It's one of the few places in my lifetime where after my stint I had no desire to go back.

The boys (called "Los Pescadores", which means "The Fishermen") and the guys from the mission team that was there while I was visiting.

Fun in the local river, where the locals also wash cars (and motorbikes)

Holly playing with one of the local kids at a festival that kept us awake long into the night

Boat in a part of town known for shipbuilding. Thats what the guide book says, but it makes it sound a lot more quaint and pleasant than it really is

Drove the kids 2 hrs to Santiago and had Dominoes pizza and went bowling. Most of them had never been to Santiago, much less bowled or had dominoes pizza.

TJ and Holly's place, where I stayed.

We took a day and drove outside of Puerta Plata, to some waterfalls. You had to hike up them, then you got to come down, jumping off cliffs and sliding down the falls. It was a once in a lifetime experience.

Swimming the Pools

I jumped off what was at least a 50 foot drop into a deep pool.

Best shot of the trip. Nice job, TJ.

There we are

At the beach, we had fish for lunch. It..was...awesome.

Holly, TJ, and I.


kentbrantly said...

ok, ok. i believe you. looks pretty sweet man. wish i could have gone with you.
hey, wanna go canoeing this saturday? let me know by tuesday. going with some friends to that same place we went before.

Katie said...

Yeah for traveling out of the country!! Looks like so much fun! Say hi to TJ for me!

Anonymous said...

Jeremy, I'm so glad you had a great trip. I think we share a love for the islands, even though DR was never my favorite. I really love the fact that you tell your stories with photos. Yeah!