Monday, August 27, 2007

How does this happen??

I guess no one thought that video was funny. Ever FA that i show it to buckles over in side-splitting laughter.

Anyways, this is a quote from Peter King, SI sports writer. I'm wondering how this works:

. I'm still shaking my head about the Newark Star-Ledger's amazing feat Saturday morning. We get the final edition of the paper, and it's famous for having all the West Coast box scores in the Essex County edition. So I wake up Saturday morning, get the paper in the driveway at about 7:40, open up the sports section and see this headline on the third sports page: "The late, late show: Yanks fall at 3:29 a.m.'' And in the Yankees Notebook below, the box score is there.

I'm still amazed. I'm reading about a game that ended four hours earlier, with the box score, with my Cheerios. That is one awesome feat. You run one heck of a department there, Tom Bergeron.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Flight Attendant Therapy

I could watch this over and over. and over. Because it encompasses all the things we WISH we could do.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Unfair, and JUST NOT RIGHT

It was announced today that the man who caught Bonds' 756th home run will auction off the ball, citing tax concerns.

This makes me seething angry. It's injustice. It makes no sense whatsoever. Just because the guy caught the ball, the IRS has decided that it will come after him for taxes on the ball.

WHAT?? The ball, estimated to go for about 500,000, could cost the student thousands of dollars in taxes just for holding onto the ball.

Sooo...if he went onto the street and decided to GIVE the ball to someone....they would all of a sudden owe thousands of dollars?? i just don't get it. It all seems wrong and backwards to me. I mean i can see him owing on taxes if he sold the ball, because he is making money off of it. But for just putting it on his mantle?? Its plain ignorance!!!!

Please someone explain this to me so it makes more sense, though I can't see that happening. I'm expecting it to only make me angrier.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Austin Videos!

Now we're gettin' all high tech!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Home sweet...home??

I finally made it home after a month away. I got home friday afternoon, read through some mail, ran some errands, then was picked up that evening by Trey and Danna and went camping for the weekend. They have a "new" toyota landcruiser (it's new to them), so we went to a campground that requires some 4-wheeling. It was fun. Here are some photos.

Jeremy (not me) giving us some entertainment 'round the fire



Danna Posing. Shes my morning buddy. No one will wake up as early as we do.

We found Lost Lake

It just slid right off...and got stuck

Camping 'neath the trees


Wednesday, August 08, 2007


Only 257 more home runs, plus however many more bonds hits this year, and we can all just forget it ever happened.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

REAL racing

I watched Rally Racing today. And loved it. Not that I doubted that I would like it, but thats it, I didn't like it, i LOVED it. It was exciting, riveting, wildly entertaining, and sometimes flat out amusing. Guys out there are really enjoying themselves. I'll have to admit, it looks flat out fun.

If you don't know what rally racing is, it's basically off road car racing , including ice.(not to be confused with baja-type 4-wheeling.) Controlled slides (drifting) are imperative. Cars flip occasionally, which add to the excitement of the race. There are 2 people in the car, one driver and one co-driver, or navigator, who continually tells the driver what turns are up-coming in a language I have yet to decipher.

Just today one of the racers flipped at the very end, ended up on 2-wheels, supported by a railing. As the car came to a rest, the co-driver looks up from her notes, and says "well how did that happen??"

The race today began in a large open dirt arena, complete with one jump, and it continued into a converted parking lot (they race occasionally on hard surfaces) with a few sharp turns, obstacles, and a round-a-bout. The very first race wound up being the best of the lot. One car badly misjudged the jump, and ended up blowing a shock. They had to quit halfway through as the car's back end was dragging the cement. Even better, the other car ran over a shrub (one of the obstacles i talked about) which messed up how the car turned, then they ran over another, which got lodged between the bumper and the ground, which made them nudge their front right tire into the railing. 10 seconds later the tire of that same wheel came flying off, leaving just the rim to ride on. They continued on, finishing the race on just a rim.

2 races later, one of the cars smacked the railing and they finished with the trunk popped open, flopping over every bump.

I doubt you have ever heard of Tanner Foust, but he competed today and he also assists in stunt driving in very popular movies such as The Fast and the Furious and The Bourne movies. He is definitely the master of drifting.

It's not like I've never heard of rally racing. I've done plenty of it myself on Gran Turismo, and let me tell you, even on the PS2 is really hard. But I never expected that I would enjoy it so much live.

I suggest you guys check out the x-games when you can. Thats 2 posts in a row!

Here's a couple of cool videos for you to check out. I highly recommend watching them!!!

Ice Rally!

A cool wreck

If you like the wrecks heres 2 more:

And finally the ultimate in rally carnage:

Friday, August 03, 2007

50 foot free fall

I tuned into espn just after this happened....after seeing it twice I couldn't watch it anymore. How he walked away I have no idea.