Monday, August 13, 2007

Home sweet...home??

I finally made it home after a month away. I got home friday afternoon, read through some mail, ran some errands, then was picked up that evening by Trey and Danna and went camping for the weekend. They have a "new" toyota landcruiser (it's new to them), so we went to a campground that requires some 4-wheeling. It was fun. Here are some photos.

Jeremy (not me) giving us some entertainment 'round the fire



Danna Posing. Shes my morning buddy. No one will wake up as early as we do.

We found Lost Lake

It just slid right off...and got stuck

Camping 'neath the trees



The Future said...

Hey, thanks for finding my lake... I thought I might have left it in Wyoming, but I guess it wandered down to Colorado on its own.

The Juice said...

no prob nieland. ill send it along to you