Monday, August 27, 2007

How does this happen??

I guess no one thought that video was funny. Ever FA that i show it to buckles over in side-splitting laughter.

Anyways, this is a quote from Peter King, SI sports writer. I'm wondering how this works:

. I'm still shaking my head about the Newark Star-Ledger's amazing feat Saturday morning. We get the final edition of the paper, and it's famous for having all the West Coast box scores in the Essex County edition. So I wake up Saturday morning, get the paper in the driveway at about 7:40, open up the sports section and see this headline on the third sports page: "The late, late show: Yanks fall at 3:29 a.m.'' And in the Yankees Notebook below, the box score is there.

I'm still amazed. I'm reading about a game that ended four hours earlier, with the box score, with my Cheerios. That is one awesome feat. You run one heck of a department there, Tom Bergeron.

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Brown Sugar said...

that's some fast turn around time for a seems like anything past midnight here..or earlier, will not make it on the morning paper