Sunday, September 02, 2007

Biggest upset...ever?

I think not.

I dont' have long to post this, so it will be short.

But for real, #5 michigan being defeated by a I-AA school Appalachian State, is definitely not that big of a surprise, so get off it.

You pit I-AA perpetual JUGGERNAUT ( I can't tell you how many titles they have won, just a lot) against a perpetually OVERRATED Michigan team that had...well...not a very good defense to begin with..and you're surprised that they pulled it off?? Cmon.

I'd go as far to think that App-State could beat 1/3 of the teams in the top 25!!!!!


Griswold said...

1/3? Really? I agree that Michigan is overrated. I also feel they looked past the underrated Appalachian State and made far too many "first game of the season" mistakes. But, let's not get carried away here. This cindarella team is off to a great start, but they do not belong in the top 25...yet...

The Juice said...

i never said they were a top 25 team, but when they are playing they are best, I WOULDN'T PUT IT PAST THEM to beat many top 25 teams.

I'm just saying i'm not surprised.

and underrated?? are you kidding? when you decide to schedule a "cupcake" team to start the season, you probably shouldnt choose the 2-time I-AA defending champs

J-Wild said...

Further supports the idea that the rankings suck and 1-A needs a playoff system.

The Juice said...

true. i was pondering this the other day, and i mean..its just what it says, RANKINGS. it means to determine the position of. SOMEONE ELSE determines them, not the THINGS themselves. now why would WE determine the champion instead of the teams themselves?? thats just ignorant.

not sure if that made sense...well it made sense in my head.

JonGrubbs said...

Please, guys. C'mon, everyone knows Appalachian is hot Hot HOT!

In case the link doesn't work:

The Juice said...


The Juice said...

btw i liked this comment from

"Michigan's ranking was purely hypothetical. We don't yet know just how big of an "upset" it really was"