Thursday, September 13, 2007

Coast to Coast Friendships

I just took a little mini-vacation that spanned both coasts. It was a trip of renewing old friendships, solidifying current friendships, creating new friendships (and sleeping in the same bed with them) and trying your best to hold on to friendships that have been...well..strained.

Friday the 7th I flew out to California to attend the wedding of a friend that used to be a flight attendant wth me. I met up with my friend Stormy who was a brides maid in it. It was in Sonoma Valley, just north of San Francisco. Wasn't quite what I was used to, as it lasted from 4:30 pm until...well..we left at 11pm and it was still going strong.

Afterwards we drove 2 hours to my old friend Bobby Hulett's house to stay the night. Saying that is pushing it, as we arrived at 1130 and left at 5am. To quote Bobby about his son Kade, who was asleep when we arrived and when we left: "I think Kade is a little miffed that he didn't see you"

Bobby is a guy that I went to church with in high school (he is 10 yrs older than I) and had just moved back to the states from Indonesia.

So we stayed the night, and both caught early AM flights the next morning. Stormy flew back home to Orlando, I flew out to Boston VIA Manchester, NH to see some more friends for a couple days.

Manchester is about a 45 minute drive from Boston, and I had heard of free shuttle that took you from one city to the other. Seemed a little too good to be true, so I was slightly concerned about whether the service still existed. Since I was a little wary, I actually pulled something off I had never done before: hitchhiked. I asked a young couple on the flight if they were going to Boston and whether they would be willing to let me bum a ride off of them. And without any question, they said that it would be fine.

And even better, they had GPS, so I was able to predict my arrival to Tyler, who thought I would be coming in on the shuttle/train. It was funny when I said I would be there about 6:06 and I knocked on the door at 6:08.

Tyler had taken the bus up from Nantucket, and her brother and her brothers friend, whom I would be sharing a bed with at the hotel, flew up from Dallas. We spent the 2 days seeing concerts, seeing the historical sites, and the highlight: seeing the Sox play at Fenway.

So with Tyler, Scott, and Ryan all going back to work, I had a couple more days off. (I wanted so bad to get a car and drive up to Vermont and Maine, states I've never seen, but with no tent, I had nowhere to stay), I decided to go back to the Manchester airport and fly back to chicago and figure out where to go from there, since I had 3 more free days before work starts again. But as I stood at the gate waiting for my flight, I had a change of heart and wanted to go to Dallas to see Tim josue debbie and adam, whom I hadn't seen since June. I thought I would get to chicago and see how to get to dallas from there....but then I looked behind me to the posted flights and...VOILA!! there was a flight that went to baltimore to st louis then to dallas. perfect.

So here I sit, just waiting for this tropical storm to come in and strand me here so I can't get to work.

The next stretch of time that I have off I'm going to see my nephew's 1st birthday. All this adds up to an entire month away from home. But its ok. I do it to myself.

thanks for your attention. have a nice day.


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