Sunday, September 16, 2007

Heh. funny, for football fans

But first, some thoughts on yesterdays games: I'm on reserve in Chicago, they aren't using me, so I'm basically being paid to watch football all I might as well give some commentary.

-I stayed up late last night to watch Colorado play Florida State. I figure theres not many chances to watch them on TV. I felt like, especially on offense, that they looked like a high school team.

-I kind of wish I was there on blackout night.

-Yesterday was more of who I was going AGAINST (USC, Texas, Ohio State, every other big 10 team) than who I was for.

-LSU basically played the scrubs yesterday and still beat MTSU 44-0. I know I know, its MTSU, but remember, they hung 42 on Louisville. So they aren't HORRIBLE.

-It's only a matter of time, Texas. Only a matter of time.

-Mark it on your calendars: Oct 6th, Florida at LSU. thats going to be a doosey of a game.

Anyways, check out this video.


kentbrantly said...

1. funny video.
2. what do you have against the Big 10?

The Juice said...

what, besides the fact that they are consistently overrated? Or how boring the games are??