Wednesday, September 26, 2007

LOL: This is stupid

MNE Ps dnt bleev der is a gNA8N d/c b/t em n thr teen.


MNE Ps dnt bleev der is a gNA8N d/c b/t em n thr teen!!!!

Can you understand that?? Yeah, me neither. If you have a teenager, please have them read that. Because I'm convinced they can't. I don't think anyone can. Now without hours of study.

It's from an ad that reads: DO YOU SPEAK TEEN?" Now cmon. Att has been using tv ads that tout texting and using "text language" like LOL, (laugh out loud) and MYOB (mind your own business.)

but all this business has gotten completely out of control, because I think adults have blown the whole thing out of proportion. I know I'm not a teen anymore, but...cmon. Nobody texts like that. There are certain words that you can feasibly shorten into text slang without it becoming unreadable: LOL, b/c, etc.... but gNR8N??? D/C???? thats just ridiculous. noone uses that!! it's just stupid to even think that people do.

and by the way, its supposed to read: "Many parents don't believe there is a generation disconnect between them and their teen"


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Lauren said...

I'm with you Jeremy. And I work with teenagers all the time... and I text teenagers all the time.

Never have I gotten a text like that from a teen!