Saturday, October 27, 2007

I'm conflicted...Rocks or Stros?

I think I want to edit my team allegiance. Now understand that as I say this the Rockies are currently getting DRILLED by the Red Sox in the World Series. But I think they might be my new favorite team. No more split allegiances.

I grew up a Braves fan. After Ron Gant, my favorite player, was traded, I decided I was going to start following the Astros, which happened to be the closest team to New Orleans. Plus we had the farm team, so I thought that all just fit together nicely.

Well now I've moved out on my own and matured (no comments from the peanut gallery). I've seen most of the cities in the U.S., lived in all but one time zone, and now things are starting to change. I've moved to Denver, where I think I just might stay for a while. And I've fallen in love with the Rockies, the stadium, the organization and...the city. And see thats what I have against the astros. Now that I've seen the country, I can't stand Houston. How can I root for the team that I grew up with when I can't stand the city??? But again, how can I turn my back on the team I grew up with?? Sure I did it to the Braves, but I was just a tike. I didn't know any better. I'd go ahead and renounce the Astros, but I feel kind of bad.

Or have I already done it??



Lauren said...


Deanna said...

the two stros fans are the ones who comment. cant you like both? you are just excited about the rockies now and it is easy to be a fan living in denver but that does not mean you have to drop the stros.

JonGrubbs said...

I believe you are an adult. Make up your own mind. That said, if you show up to my house wearing a Red Sox hat I will punch you in the face. You will still be my friend, but there will be a chasm between us. Just saying.

The Juice said...

no. honestly this has nothing to do with the world series. I was considering this before all this craziness even began. and yes, i would be a traitor, but why would I care about being a traitor to a city I don't even like???

Lauren said...

Because two of your favorite people have homes there?

Nope... not a good enough reason.

The Future said...

Ron Gant was a favorite of mine too!

David Justice was my hero though!

Man, the Braves were my team. They were incredible.

Maybe pick your favorite Rox and Stros and create a super fantasy team!

Although my love for the Stros isn't nearly as much as yours, I can see why people have left their bandwagon. They had too many older players and now, not enough in the cupboard. What would make fans care?