Tuesday, October 16, 2007


WOW, where do I begin?? I had this really drawn out rant on something, but for some reason I can't remember it...It's probably because I've been caught up in what has been coined "Rocktober" going on here in november.

It's crazy. So far we've (Colorado Rockies) won 21 of 22 on our way to a World Series birth.

And no, I do not think i can qualify as a bandwagon fan for a couple of reasons:

1) I bought a Rockies jersey back in March

2)I've been going to games all season long, and I have the ticket stubs and the box score to prove it.

It seems like every night after work I hole myself up in my hotel room and sit on the edge of my seat watching every pitch of the games. I can't help myself. What? theres football on? WHO CARES!!!??? ITS ROCKTOBER!!!

But for real, if you haven't been able to watch these rockies play, its truly amazing and...well...thrilling. I firmly believe they are pulling these games off with defense. They make plays that most teams can't. They finished the season with the best fielding percentage in baseball history. Really, it is spectacular to watch. Here's a little nugget that tulowitzki pulled off earlier in the season. He did this again last night (runner was BARELY safe) right before jumping 10 feet in the air to snare a line drive:


And my favorite sign from the NL title clinching game last night:

"Is this Heaven?? No, it's Colorado."

And finally Ted found the 5 seconds it takes to send these pictures. So enjoy:



Anonymous said...

Dear Nephew,
Thanks for the pictures... I thought I might be old, bald and gray before I saw pictures of Austin first b'day party... wait…. I am old, bald and gray.
Anyway, thanks for the pictures
Uncle Don

Deanna said...

thats hot!

Lauren said...

Dude! You can't steal my thunder!

I said it first Jeremy... just remember that.