Saturday, November 17, 2007

Fun New Game

Ok I'll be honest...most of the crazy mess I pull on the plane is used material. I get it from others before me. And even if I do do that stuff, sometimes I'm not the leader, I just participate.

So anyway, I JUST got off a trip with my friend kristy and her boyfriend James. We are all similar ages and all very outgoing....ESPECIALLY James. If you think I talk to everyone....

So theres this activity that we play occasionally. If it's been a long flight, at the end we do inflight yoga. Just have everyone put their arms in the air, "stretch left, stretch right" blah blah blah. It's fun, but not a big deal.

But James showed us a new twist.

First he calls the pilots and gets them in on the gig. After letting them know what's going on, he goes into the routine.

Now let me tell you James has a very "announcer-ish" voice. And he knows how to talk. And entertain.

So he goes into the stretching routine, and as everyone has their hands in the air, then stretches to the left....

then the plane tilts to the left.

"now, stretch alllll the way to the right...."

and the plane tilts to the right.

the pilots today did a lot better than the previous. The first did a slow tilt, while the ones today turned HARD and almost sent Kristy and I (we were the stretch leaders) into the wall of the cabin.

Everyone loves it.

Anyway, just thought I would share this with you.

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laura g said...

HA. ya don't find that on usair.