Wednesday, November 07, 2007

New Territory

So either no one cares about what I wrote, or no one reads this blog anymore...which would mean I would be talking to myself, which is alright, because I got used to that the first year I worked at this job.

I'm currently on one of those self-created vacations. And I'm venturing into new territory because I've never actually chosen to go home during one of these. Normally I'd chose a part of the country to visit, look up an acquaintance that I hardly know and invite myself to stay over. Instead I'm actually finding myself a life here in Denver. I've done a lot of mountain biking, movie watching, and decorating my car and snowboard with Rockies stickers. I'm running short on things to do, and I still have an entire week to go.

There really truly is not a whole lot going on. Last month I worked my butt off to pay off all my billls. That way I'll be able to work the minimum this winter and come home and board my life away. Here in Denver, that means I'll have a life.

I've become a regular down at a small sandwich shop here in Golden...unfortunately I found out today that she is closing up shop due to a lack of business and running away to Montana. Couldn't say I wasn't jealous.

If there is one problem that I have here its that I have a lack of guy friends. Well, more specifically, a lack of SINGLE guy friends. It's hard to just call up a married man to see if he can come over and play video games with me. I was thinking of inviting some friends over for dinner until I realized that should I do that it would be me and 7 girls. It's gotten to the point where Kelsie is trying to set me up with her roommate's boyfriends. Apparently they are looking for guy friends its not just me.

and I've signed up to walk in the Parade of lights, meaning I'll get to wear the "TJ Luv" costume. you should all be praying that pictures will be involved in this, b/c you won't want to miss it.

anyway, here's a fun picture you may enjoy:



Ashley Rocks! said...

Let me know when you wanna come visit Portland, you can stay with me and we will have a blast!

Lauren said...


Brown Sugar said...

i'm sorry i've let you down.....i haven't even gone for a visit.

How is traveling weather in January...i'm assuming it can get nasty....but i have a vacation week in january.

Brown Sugar said...

you should definately hang out with ashley....she looks like uh......she has a good personality;)

but she's not a guy....sorry

Kelsie P. Wylie said...

I'm still working on it's gonna happen!