Wednesday, November 21, 2007


So you take a team that made one of the most historic runs in history, posting the greatest defensive numbers in history, with some FIIINE offensive numbers to boot..and what do you get?

A giant O-FER.

Yesterday's announcement of the NL MVP concluded an awardless season.


First came the Gold Gloves, which are given to the best defensive players at each position. You figured that a team that had the best fielding percentage in HISTORY could win just one....but no, not a single player won one. (Even though Tulowitzki made one spectacular play after another all season.)

Thats ok, because Tulo was surely a shoe-in for the Rookie of the Year. His only other competition was Brewers third baseman Ryan Braun, who did have great offensive numbers, but they weren't leaps and bounds above Tulo. Not to mention that Braun's defensive statistics were the worst in the league at his position.

Oh, and his team didn't make the playoffs.

But we lost that one too.

Then came the NL MVP, where Matt Holliday's ridiculous offensive numbers still weren't enough. In all these award's we placed a close second.

But we didn't win a single one.

I don't know what else to say. I just don't get it.


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Kelsie P. Wylie said...

I'm sorry for your loss...I know grieving is difficult.