Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Story that I Wish Ended Better

First of all, for those of you who care, Tulo was robbed...FLAT OUT burglarized in the Rookie of the Year voting.

Remember this? (you only need to watch the first minute or so to realize what I'm talking about.)

Just yesterday I was out at A-Basin snowboarding. One of my goals this year is to learn to ride goofy. I ride Regular, which means that I ride with my left foot forward. Goofy is the opposite, with your right foot forward. Might sound easy since I already know how, but its not. It's like re-learning. It might not be quite as difficult as when I first picked up a snowboard, but still difficult. My brain knows how to do it, I just need to train my body. The advantage of doing this is to perform tricks. If I'm going to get some air and turn a 180, landing goofy, it would be advantageous to be able to ride that way.

So here I am, a beginner again. I'm slowly traversing the slopes, making those wiiide S-turns...back and forth, back and forth. I drop to my knees, facing up the mountain, to take a break, and here comes this guy, flying down the mountain, screaming. I assume he's screaming to make me think he's out of control and about to run into me, but I know better. At the last minute he cuts left, and ON PURPOSE, (this is WITHOUT question) sprays me with snow. I mean a lot of snow. In the face. I'm kind of shocked. I look up and see a guy coming down who is kind of smiling, though I can see in his face he feels sorry for me-this poor beginner snowboarder who just got terrorized by a 20-something year old ski-bum JERK.

Then I comprehend that this loser thinks I'm a little rookie that can't do anything about it when he falls victim to such a crime.

Well think again, buster.

I jump up, turn my board back regular, and begin an epic descent of the mountain. I felt like the villains in a James Bond scene, chasing him down the mountain.

I didn't know what I was going to say when I caught him, though admittedly a few choice words came to mind. I didn't want to fight him, I just wanted him to know...yes, just to KNOW.

But it had all happened so fast that I had no idea what he looked like. When I arrived at the bottom a very short time later, I saw a guy standing there who looked absolutely shocked to see me. Maybe he was one of this guy's cronies...and I'm sure he could see me scanning the crowd for....for what I didn't know.

So I lowered my head and got back in the lift line.

Just like Costanza in that episode, too little, too late.



Shea said...

I saw someone wearing this shirt yesterday and thought of you


Now if only yankees and the red sox were on there...

The Future said...

Cool!! Goofy and regular, just like on Skate or Die!! (remember that?)

As for your story (kinda), please tell me you can handle being hit with snowballs now. I hope you can. That was crazy that you couldn't (its just a baseball that breaks apart! How cool is that???).

Anyways, keep showing em how its done. It just started snowing here around lunchtime.

Griswold said...

I like that you're still referring real life situations back to Seinfeld...