Sunday, December 09, 2007

Winter Wonderland

Wow, where have I been???

Now, where were we.

I flew home on Thursday with plans to join kelsie for an adventure to her family's cabin out on Grand Mesa, not far from Grand Junction. We'd invited many others, however all decided that they were too cool for us...

The problem, however, was that a large snowstorm was moving across the rockies, and on my way home we texted back and forth..possibly 50 times, trying to decide what we should do. It could be either go tonight or not go at all. But if we did, we would surely have to drive in driving snow.

And thats what we decided. Kelsie immediately drove to my house, waited for me for an hour, I finally arrived, packed in about 30 minutes, and by 6:30 pm we set out on our journey.

Let me explain to you that its a 5 hour drive (in good weather), I had gotten up in providence, RI at 4am (2am Colorado time). I'm pushing the limits of sleep here.

For the first 45 minutes there was snow, no rain..just a nice mountain drive. Then, right before the Isenhower tunnel, it started. Once past the tunnel, and for the next 2 hours, we dove on pure snow. And I'm glad to say that no good story comes out of this. My car did not slide, not once. I drove anywhere from 20 to 45 mph, and not one hiccup. Then came beaver creek, and the snow turned to rain. It was easy from there.

Once at Grand Mesa, more snow. It cabin is at 10,000 feet, so this was expected. But the last hour of the drive was quite entertaining. Since I was getting tired, Kelsie was now driving, and the snow started to get deeper. We were now crawling up a mountain with about 3-4 inches of fresh powdery snow on the road. And still Drake just cruised along. The windshield wipers started to ice up, so every 3 minutes we had to stop to scrape the ice off. It became somewhat hard to see. At one point we smashed into a snow drift...instant white out. and totally awesome.

So we make it up, changed into snow gear in the car, donned our giant backpacks and our snowshoes, and trekked it up the mountain to the cabin. After 23 hours of being awake, it was time for bed. Even if I fell asleep and woke up being able to see my breath.

The rest of the 3 days there were bliss, even if we were like an old married couple. Every morning I would wake up, shovel out the stoop (path to the outhouse), start the fire, and kelsie would make breakfast and coffee. Then we would sit and watch the snow.

Days were spent snowshoeing, TRYING to snowboard (in 10-15 inches of POWDER that is not an easy task.) Just going down to the now snow-covered car was an all day event. Seriously, it took us 4 hours to go dig my car out and come back (with short de-tours on the way back).

The only sounds we heard all weekend were of falling snow and the occasional snowmobile.

On saturday I tried my hand at some snowboard tricks. I laid the door covers across the stoop of the gap, covered them with snow, trudged up the mountain, and shredded across it. then at the bottom of the hill I built a little ramp to rocket me ove

r the road. I did a half decent job, but not what I was hoping for.

In the evenings we reverted to an old couple, playing cards, reading books, dinner, and hot chocolate...and in bed by 10.

Sunday morning, our day to go home, it was still snowing. We calculated that of the 60 hours we were at the cabin, it snowed for about 55 of them.

So that was our adventure. The only exciting thing on the way home was when a truck, going down the snowy mountain (very sloooww) started weaving, then lost control and drove through the snowbank into the powder. As we past, he looked at us, smiled, and waved.

Guess we're not the only ones loving it out here.

See More pictures below: (Plus Bonus Picture at the End! You deserve it since I've had such a long layoff.)

Well it felt like I got a lot more air than this indicates...

Snow for Melting

Where is My Car???


Only way to get around...SNOWSHOES!

Inside of the Cabin

What can she say, Kelsie is a good photog! Note snowshoes on my backpack..I think they make me look cooler. (Plus useful, I had to hike back up!)




Brown Sugar said...

looks like an awesome time...i'm glad drake is doing his job well.

laura g said...

AWESOME pictures! for future reference, i may never have snowboarded, but i can drink hot chocolate in a cabin with the best of 'em, so invite me next time! besides, it's high time i met drake.

Lauren said...


Anonymous said...

Dear Nephew,
What ever happened to Global Warming?
Uncle Don

The Juice said...

oh wait, whats the temperature right now in MS?? oh..right...;)

Kristen said...

Glad you posted the pic from the parade. I've been looking forward to that!

Jill said...

Jeremy Jackson!

I don't know if you remember me, but this is Jill Woodhouse. You used to be friends with my brother Josh AGES ago. Anyway, I was reading up on your dad via the internet (it's amazing what you can find on the internet), and I read an interview where he said you lived in Golden, CO. Well, ain't it a small world! I live in Broomfield. My husband, son, and I moved here in August. We pretty much love it. Anyway, I'd love to have you over for dinner sometime. Email me back at, and give the rest of your family my love!


Anonymous said...

Dear Nephew,
the temp. in MS right now is 27degrees (F).... Like I said, what happened is Global Warming?
Uncle Don

Kelli said...

Lovin' the pics, and your super fun experience!

Who is Kelsie?

Glad you are doing well, have a fun rest-of-the-holidays!