Monday, January 07, 2008

Can or Cannot?

I really do think people are afraid of cans. And I'm here to figure out why. It's baffling. See, our water on the plane, which is completely purified (through reverse osmosis, mind you) comes in a can. It makes complete sense for stocking purposes, plus we already recycle cans so why would we have bottles??

So just yesterday I'm coming through to take my drink order's and I get the same old question that I get all the time. (At least twice a day)

"Do you have bottled water?"

See this is a tough question because technically we do not have bottled water. We have canned water. But the real question they are asking is whether we have purified water. Well the answer to that question is obviously yes. I'm not gonna go into the lav and fill your cup up in the sink! (Though if we continue with this conversation I'll definitely be tempted)

So do I just answer her question? Or do I just say yes and bring her a cup of water? She'll never know the difference. But since she wants an entire "bottle" of it I guess I'm stuck.

So I tell her it comes in a can. And she wrinkles up her nose in a kind of confused disgust. And honestly this sort of annoys me, because I've had a really long day and I don't have the time or patience to put up with people who are scared of cans.

"It comes in a can??"

"Yes ma'am. Please don't look at me like I'm crazy. It's really not that strange."

"Oh. Ok. Well I'll just have a ginger ale then."

"That comes in a can, too." (And my sarcasm definitely comes out on this comment. You have to be careful who you are sarcastic too b/c one guy threatened to write me up because I was being sarcastic)

"Does everything come in a can?"

Ok so this baffles me because soda's have come in cans least 27 years because ever since I was born. I really don't understand her confusion.

So she ends up getting a ginger ale, but I tell her I'm bringing her water also because I'm going to try to break her of her fear of cans, or her fear of canned water.

Can anyone explain this? Is anyone else scared of cans?



Brown Sugar said...

i'll take a stab at it.....water is definatey more common to see in bottles. Canned drinks usually contain a beverage that's full of flavor...that flavorful and satisfying liquid is magically accessible through the lovely sound of a fizzy pop when the tab is pulled. Without a lovely fizzy pop sound, we know something would be wrong. It's all a mental thing. We think cans should be full of fizzy flavorful liquid (it has to be both) for example, I am just a weirded out by canned fruit punch as I am canned water. I gotta have a fizzy pop.

Water needs to be in a clear or blue plastic bottle because it represents the cleanliness and clarity of water.

Fizzy and flavorful drinks also work in bottles cause you still get the lovely fizzy chsshhh sound when opened.

canned drinks need to be carbonated or we mentally think they have gone bad.....canned water just looses it's appeal cause it's already flavorless. no flavor plus no fizzy pop = no bueno.

Lauren said...

Does the aluminum cause the water to taste like metal? That would probably be my fear...

I actually used to be really picky about my water. That is till I moved to Abilene. And then I just dealt with it.

The best tap water I've ever had was in Manhattan. It was amazing. It didn't even need ice cubes!

Also, I would have paid to see you say "that comes in a can too." Why don't people appreciate sarcasm!?

laura g said...

so funny that you said, "that comes in a can, too." guess i've never ordered water on a SW flight because i didn't know it came in cans. i think its just a habit that we expect it to come in bottles... but i applaud you for single-handedly trying to rid the world of this particular fear.