Friday, January 18, 2008

Computer Drama

So I'm not sure if I ever posted about this, but I've had some computer issues.

Not too long ago, as I was travelling around with my computer nestled in the laptop sleeve of my backpack, there was an accident. I forgot that I had left a bottle of french vanilla creamer down at the bottom of the bag. (It was in there because I had brought breakfast stuff to my friend's house and it was at the bottom and never made it out).

Anyway, I arrived at my hotel one evening to find my computer soaked in creamer. Luckily, the computer was fine, it worked as it had before, except for one thing....which I didn't find out until a week later. Apparently some of the creamer had seeped into the cd drive, completely hardening the felt that blocked the way to the entrance. Oops. And worse a DVD that I HAD TO HAVE was stuck in there. So I was forced to use an exacto knife to cut it out.

I didn't get to bring it into the shop until about a week ago, and...ughh.

I thought it would be a simple $50 job, but unfortunately the quote was $280. Dag. Apparently there is a flat rate for repairs such as these. I really had no choice, as there was a gaping hole on the side of my laptop, and if I didn't get it fixed I'd be buying a new superdrive.

Fast forward a week later, my computer has arrived at the shop and I run in to pick it up. I sign the paperwork, and I make the 30 min drive back home. I open up my laptop, start it up and...what?

It starts as if I've never used it before. Read: intro to Mac OSX. And its the older version of OSX than what I had on my computer. Wierd. Plus the track pad feel is different, and the clicker isn't working like its supposed to....THIS IS NOT MY COMPUTER.

So, I make that drive all the way back to the shop, where I tell them the problem. He checks the serial numbers, and it actually IS my computer, they had just gone ahead and replaced the top and bottom covers, the hard drive, the track pad, and the superdrive. ALL NEW. cool! And since the clicker wasn't working right, he replaced that at the store, and reinstalled the new version of OSX....great since I had left my copy in Chicago. ( I won't be back for a week).

So here I sit, reinstalling all my programs and re-configuring everything on my computer. Luckily, all my irreplacables (pictures, movies, and music) are all backed up on my external hard drive. And also, there is currently a CD stuck in my computer because for some reason its failing to spit it out. SOOO, i'm going to have to make that 30 min drive BACK to the shop to see if they can fix it.

Update: Minor technical difficulty, 2 minutes at the shop and it was fixed. I love those people, but I'd rather not see them for a while.



Lauren said...

Computer drama is about as bad as car drama...

Natasha said...

Glad you got it all worked out! Sounds stressful:)

Dav said...

Sorry about your cyberdrama... Hope all is well, I am happy that you're a Mac man though. Stay true to that and you'll be alright!

Just thought I'd check in with you! Promise to check back more often!

laura g said...

one day soon, i'll be posting from work that my home computer dissolved into a pile of plastic-dust. it is so about to die.