Wednesday, January 02, 2008

New Years...and WHATS WRONG WITH ME?

I've been staying home a lot. I think that is why I have nothing to say. I go home, I go hiking, I go snowboarding..I don't think any of you really want to see more pictures of snowcapped mountains. It all gets redundant. But New Years was fun.

I was off new years eve, but the scheduling department decided it would be a good idea to make me work 1 day on the 1st. Just one day, its not a big deal. Unfortunately it was on the 1st, which mean my plans to go to Indianapolis was in certain peril.

But FORTUNATELY, $100 bucks said it wasn't. And thats how much it cost me to get rid of that day. It allowed me to spend new years with friends, a Lite Brite, and a Log Cabin.

Thats right. Kent's parent's house in Indy is complete with our childhood toys. Lite Brite, Airguns, Air hockey, wierd old-school records, and..LINCOLN LOGS! So Dearing, kent, Laurann and I spent a while goofing off in the toy room, then headed upstairs, built a log cabin out of lincoln logs and roasting marshmallows on the fire. Basically we spent the last moments of 2007 acting like it was 1987.

The next thing we knew we were ringing in the new year watching Carson Daly oddly flirting with Alex Rodriguez on national television. Then I fell asleep watching the end of fiddler on the roof.

good times.


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Brown Sugar said...

that's a good cabin. i'd live there