Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Life Behind the Face...

...and sometimes questionable actions.

We all say that when passengers check their luggage, they also check their brains. They do crazy things. Sometimes they're nice, fun, respectful. Sometimes they sit there and stare at the back of the seat (read: David Putty) and sometimes they are unnecessarily rude. You have to just sit back and laugh.

But at the end of the day, the majority of the 400 + faces that I see a day are just those...faces. You just don't know what they've been through, whats going on in their lives. We maybe get to know 1, maybe 2 people per day, and most of the time everything is just fine and dandy. Going on vacation, going to see family, business meeting, whatever.

But then there are the folks who are going for a funeral. Just the other day my co-worker got to talking to a guy who was just going through a divorce, had been sober for 20 years, and on the plane was drinking a bloody mary. He cried right there. Gave her a hug on his way out.

I once ran into a couple who were flying into Philly to pick up their daughter's ashes. She had been stabbed to death.

On take-off one day, I noticed a lady crying. I'm not the best consoler, so I looked at the girl I was working with and ask how she was at consoling. She did a great job. The lady was on her way home for her father's funeral. On her way out she told the other flight attendant that she must be an angel.

These are just a few. And it can be so easy, when someone who is having a crappy day snaps at you for no apparent reason, to be rude right back to them, or to just think they are great big jerks. Sometimes you have to give them the benefit of the doubt.

There are so many more that we don't get to talk to. I've even gotten to know a couple passengers outside of work. It's just wierd. Here you were, just happened to get on my flight, just a face that entered my world for such a short period of time, the right words were said, and much more is known. Its just crazy to sit back and look around and wonder about all the stories.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I have a sort of...Condundrum?

So heres my thing. I just placed membership at my church. With the whole "in the middle of service announcement of my 'decision' plus the fact that I am single" and everything.

Which brings me to my problem. I love my church. I do. Everyone is friendly, and open minded. The preacher is great. (Reg Cox for those of you who know him). And I love my friends. My married friends that is.

Just last Sunday I got into a conversation with Reg, and somewhere in there I mentioned that I thought I was the only single person there. "Call me when your 40 and single" he responded.

Ok, so fair enough, I'm 27, not a big deal, and the amount of single girls at my church was never factored in my decision making. But its also a valid point. Theres not many outlets for me to meet people. Ok, well I meet tons of people when I work, but they all live across the country and I'm not about to do that.

Kelsie told me the church she attends, not far down the road, is loaded with single people my age. So MENver denver isn't so MENver after all.

But I just placed membership. I can't just bail. And it would be for the wrong reasons anyway, right? I would just split time in between the two, but when your only there one sunday a month, thats like once every two months....

So right now I'm thinking of going to our small group at Lakewood on tuesdays, and maybe splitting time on sundays...or just going to Saturday night service at Kelsies church...I dunno.

Any thoughts?


Saturday, February 16, 2008

My Valentines

I don't like Valentines Day. I really don't. I don't like being forced to do something nice to your significant other. I think it should be more of a spontaneous thing. Because after all, girls just end up comparing what the guys did for them, and if you weren't the best, then all for naught. Just doesn't seem right. But I guess in a way, I feel like I kind of celebrate it. I'm single, and I enjoy randomly being nice to other single people.

Anyways, I worked Valentine's day, and thats the way I prefer it. I guess I kind of enjoyed the festivities. When I checked in, my supervisor, or one of the many, gave me an envelope full of big red hearts that read anything from "LUV is in the air" to "We LUV our customers." We decorated the entire plane with these hearts.

During one of the flights, I was deeply involved my "down time" ritual of my nose in a book, when I looked over and saw a mom and her daughter, whom were in my section, standing there waiting for the bathroom.

I looked at the little girl, and just to start a conversation, I asked what her name was.


"How old are you, Molly?"


"Well would you like to be my Valentine?"

She smiled.


Her mom smiled too. Which was good because I guess some moms could take that the wrong way and report me.

So when we handed out our chocolate hearts, I gave Molly extra. She was my Valentine.

When Molly and her mom got off the plane, she handed me this:

I love my job.

So the next flight, BWI to BMH, I noticed 2 girls kept signing to one another across the aisle. While I was serving drinks, I tried to be a little jokster with one of them. Soon I realized my mistake, noticing that they really were deaf, for I had thought that maybe they just knew sign language which helped them communicate from across the plane.


But as I stood there, the girl, probably high school or college age (I have no idea, I'm guessing), waved me along. Kind of a "dude, get out of here!!" kind of wave.

Slightly embarrassed, I was determined to interact. By way of writing on a napkin, I asked another deaf person on the flight how to ask "do you want something to drink?" in sign language.

She told me, so the next time I passed through, I looked at one of the girls who were STILL signing to each other, and asked in sign language. she shook her head no, but the lady behind her who i had asked how to say it smiled and gave me a thumbs up. Job well done.

So while deplaning, I had a plan. I took one of the giant hearts that we had pasted on the plane that read "happy valentines day," and when the younger deaf girl was getting off, I handed it to her and smiled. She, probably slightly embarrassed, took it and gave me a grin.

That was my valentine's day.


Friday, February 08, 2008

Man Vs Wild

Sometimes I'm glad that hotels have the Discovery Channel.

Yesterday Kelsie and I went snowshoeing. Just up the canyon from my home is Golden Canyon State Park. Its a good park.

Just before noon we set off on an intermediate trail, not having a real plan of where to go, just to follow the trail until we got tired...then turn back. I guess thats what our plan was. But when we reached a fork in the road, we decided the follow the trail around, where it would loop back to where our car was parked. I guess the only flaw in this plan was that the trail we would be returning on was the "black bear" trail, meaning it was one of the most difficult trails in the park. I mean cmon, how hard would it be going DOWN?

Well up we went. the snow got deep, but that wasn't a problem. I mean we did have snowshoes. But this also meant that the trail got harder to spot. Basically you would find the trail marker, then stop and try to spot the next one. A BROWN metal stick with a bear paw on the top marked the trail. Yes, I said BROWN, not hard to spot at all.

Well eventually the trail headed UP a mountain, to the very top where the rocks forced us to take our snowshoes off, to a peak called Ralston's Roost. After scaling the rocks, snow started falling. Not a big deal, we were spotting the trail easily, and it was heading in the right direction. As we headed down, the snow got deeper again, so we put our snowshoes back on. Then we located the next marker and.....

Yup, you guessed it, there were no more markers to be found. We ventured a few yards in every direction trying to find the dang thing, but it just didn't exist!! After about 30 mins of searching, we gave up hope and resorted to blazing our own path down. As I looked out into the mountains to gain my bearings, I felt a little like Bear from Man vs Wild.

I knew that if we could find a river, we could follow it down to civilization. And as I looked to my left, there was a canyon, which was cut by...A RIVER! And the city was to the East, so we should be going that way too...luckily Kelsie had a compass, and we got our directions, and headed down towards the river.

We basically skied on snowshoes all the way down, hoping and praying to find a trail or something. We talked about that maybe if we had to spend the night in the wild for a few days, maybe we could end up on Ellen!

About an hour of sliding down what seemed like one continuous cliff, in the middle of nowhere, just wanting to be rescued and get wrapped up in a blanket and thrown in the back of an ambulance and ending up on the evening news, we ran into the very trail we had come in own. And just so happened we came down right where the trail crosses the river (otherwise we would have had to ford it). Cool.

So it ended up we were fine, except for my left foot which as now soaking wet and cold and frozen, and we made it home without a hitch. But I was nice to feel like a true mountain man just trying to survive in the wild, if just for a few moments.

AND my gatorade in my Nalgene bottle turned into a slushy like the ones that the old man on the corner used to give us on saturday mornings when I was a kid. Life is good.

And this is better, especially for those of you at work in an office:


Sunday, February 03, 2008

Blood Pressure

I just found out that I have the blood pressure of a 6 year old.

I guess thats good.