Friday, February 08, 2008

Man Vs Wild

Sometimes I'm glad that hotels have the Discovery Channel.

Yesterday Kelsie and I went snowshoeing. Just up the canyon from my home is Golden Canyon State Park. Its a good park.

Just before noon we set off on an intermediate trail, not having a real plan of where to go, just to follow the trail until we got tired...then turn back. I guess thats what our plan was. But when we reached a fork in the road, we decided the follow the trail around, where it would loop back to where our car was parked. I guess the only flaw in this plan was that the trail we would be returning on was the "black bear" trail, meaning it was one of the most difficult trails in the park. I mean cmon, how hard would it be going DOWN?

Well up we went. the snow got deep, but that wasn't a problem. I mean we did have snowshoes. But this also meant that the trail got harder to spot. Basically you would find the trail marker, then stop and try to spot the next one. A BROWN metal stick with a bear paw on the top marked the trail. Yes, I said BROWN, not hard to spot at all.

Well eventually the trail headed UP a mountain, to the very top where the rocks forced us to take our snowshoes off, to a peak called Ralston's Roost. After scaling the rocks, snow started falling. Not a big deal, we were spotting the trail easily, and it was heading in the right direction. As we headed down, the snow got deeper again, so we put our snowshoes back on. Then we located the next marker and.....

Yup, you guessed it, there were no more markers to be found. We ventured a few yards in every direction trying to find the dang thing, but it just didn't exist!! After about 30 mins of searching, we gave up hope and resorted to blazing our own path down. As I looked out into the mountains to gain my bearings, I felt a little like Bear from Man vs Wild.

I knew that if we could find a river, we could follow it down to civilization. And as I looked to my left, there was a canyon, which was cut by...A RIVER! And the city was to the East, so we should be going that way too...luckily Kelsie had a compass, and we got our directions, and headed down towards the river.

We basically skied on snowshoes all the way down, hoping and praying to find a trail or something. We talked about that maybe if we had to spend the night in the wild for a few days, maybe we could end up on Ellen!

About an hour of sliding down what seemed like one continuous cliff, in the middle of nowhere, just wanting to be rescued and get wrapped up in a blanket and thrown in the back of an ambulance and ending up on the evening news, we ran into the very trail we had come in own. And just so happened we came down right where the trail crosses the river (otherwise we would have had to ford it). Cool.

So it ended up we were fine, except for my left foot which as now soaking wet and cold and frozen, and we made it home without a hitch. But I was nice to feel like a true mountain man just trying to survive in the wild, if just for a few moments.

AND my gatorade in my Nalgene bottle turned into a slushy like the ones that the old man on the corner used to give us on saturday mornings when I was a kid. Life is good.

And this is better, especially for those of you at work in an office:


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Lauren said...

Yeah... sometimes I throw hershey kisses at Clint (the youth minister). I won't be doing that anymore. I don't want him to attack me!

Remind me to tell you about the time that Deanna and I took apart my monitor and then called Team55 to come repair it.