Saturday, February 16, 2008

My Valentines

I don't like Valentines Day. I really don't. I don't like being forced to do something nice to your significant other. I think it should be more of a spontaneous thing. Because after all, girls just end up comparing what the guys did for them, and if you weren't the best, then all for naught. Just doesn't seem right. But I guess in a way, I feel like I kind of celebrate it. I'm single, and I enjoy randomly being nice to other single people.

Anyways, I worked Valentine's day, and thats the way I prefer it. I guess I kind of enjoyed the festivities. When I checked in, my supervisor, or one of the many, gave me an envelope full of big red hearts that read anything from "LUV is in the air" to "We LUV our customers." We decorated the entire plane with these hearts.

During one of the flights, I was deeply involved my "down time" ritual of my nose in a book, when I looked over and saw a mom and her daughter, whom were in my section, standing there waiting for the bathroom.

I looked at the little girl, and just to start a conversation, I asked what her name was.


"How old are you, Molly?"


"Well would you like to be my Valentine?"

She smiled.


Her mom smiled too. Which was good because I guess some moms could take that the wrong way and report me.

So when we handed out our chocolate hearts, I gave Molly extra. She was my Valentine.

When Molly and her mom got off the plane, she handed me this:

I love my job.

So the next flight, BWI to BMH, I noticed 2 girls kept signing to one another across the aisle. While I was serving drinks, I tried to be a little jokster with one of them. Soon I realized my mistake, noticing that they really were deaf, for I had thought that maybe they just knew sign language which helped them communicate from across the plane.


But as I stood there, the girl, probably high school or college age (I have no idea, I'm guessing), waved me along. Kind of a "dude, get out of here!!" kind of wave.

Slightly embarrassed, I was determined to interact. By way of writing on a napkin, I asked another deaf person on the flight how to ask "do you want something to drink?" in sign language.

She told me, so the next time I passed through, I looked at one of the girls who were STILL signing to each other, and asked in sign language. she shook her head no, but the lady behind her who i had asked how to say it smiled and gave me a thumbs up. Job well done.

So while deplaning, I had a plan. I took one of the giant hearts that we had pasted on the plane that read "happy valentines day," and when the younger deaf girl was getting off, I handed it to her and smiled. She, probably slightly embarrassed, took it and gave me a grin.

That was my valentine's day.



Katie said...

excellent stories! love them!

Kelli said...

So cute! They're lucky girls! How do you say, "A valentine from Jeremy Jackson is priceless," in sign language?

Lauren said...

Absolutely precious! You're the greatest flight attendent of all time.

Travis & Jeri Tidmore said...

That's cute Jeremy. I'm glad you could be the bright spot in those girl's Valentine's Day.