Friday, March 28, 2008

The Story

I know a lot of you have been curious about this since my sudden relationship status change (I know, earth shaking news) and it really is a great story that no one should miss out on, so here you go. Tami feel free to comment on any omissions. Or if you think there are better (or bigger) words I should have used. ;)

I was in New Orleans visiting my parents for my mother's 50th birthday, and I had to be back at work the next day. So here I was, minding my own business, waiting for my flight. I had to fly to Dallas to pick up my ipod from baggage claim there (THATS a whole 'nother story), then catch a flight to St Louis then onto Chicago.

Well my stomach starts grumbling, and my legs get shaky, indicating that I should probably go grab some food. Now as everyone who's had layovers in N.O. knows, theres next to nothing to eat there, and what there is, is mega expensive. I pass by a place called the "Praline Connection" and I figure I could just grab some bacon and a biscuit for the price I could have a full breakfast for at Denny's. Sounds good and it should hold me over until Dallas.

So I jump in line and immediately notice this stunningly attractive girl standing in front of me. Being the MAC DADDY I am, I chose to say absolutely NOTHING to this girl. Typical. As we proceed towards the front of the line, a lady behind me asks if there was anyway she could get just ONE piece of toast. They said it only comes in pairs, and that its a $1.40. So I looked at her and said that if I could give her .70 we could split it. Perfect! Well she laughed, and I noticed that the hottie in front of me kind of giggled at the comment. So the girl in front of me orders her coffee, I get my biscuit and bacon, and after I pay I step over to the condiment tray to grab some jelly where this same girl is doctoring up her coffee.

Thats when it happened. Out of nowhere she looks at me and asks where I'm going.

I told her my itinerary, which leaves her gaping because I'm flying across the country for no apparent reason other than to grab my ipod.

So we stand there, completely in the middle of the exit from the line, chatting. She was traveling back to Tampa from interviews, as she was a soon to be graduate from grad school. (Is that redundant?)

So after about 5 minutes of discussing Catholic School and my lack of ability to teach (at the time I thought she was interviewing to be a teacher), I reached down into my gut and from somewhere dug out a little courage.

"Wanna go sit down for a bit?" I'm not sure if thats what came fumbling out of my mouth, but I think that was it...

She agreed, and we went and sat down and chatted for another 20 minutes or so. We talked about mostly music and sports, more specifically the Florida Gators and Jack Johnson. We got along extremely well and I guess.."sparks flew" as they say. We spoke about Baseball and her lack of interest/knowledge about it. Siezing the opportunity, or just mooching a place to stay, I'm not sure, I asked her if she'd be interested in going to a game with me sometime, since she lives in Sarasota, spring training capital.

"Are you serious??" (i remember this word for word).


So she gives me her email address, I realize that I'm running somewhat late for my flight, we go through our "way to late in the conversation to be doing this" introduction of names,(hers is Tami) and I skeedaddled off to my flight.

Fast forward a few emails, and I ask her out to dinner. Since I had a Tampa Overnight, and since she just happened to be driving through town that day (never mind she had to dump her sister off at some random guys house) it seemed to work out perfect. I called my friend KiKi who is a supervisor at the hotel there to get suggestions on restaurants and was told to go to a place called the Rusty Pelican in Tampa. So I show up that day, with KiKi waiting on me to make reservations, and Tami comes a picks me up. (Any girl thats ok with picking me up on the first date is ok with me!). Long story short we have a great dinner and conversation and end the evening with a glass of wine on the back patio watching the sunset. (With the beach bash going on next door...thumping music, girls screaming...I thought for sure that she wanted to be there instead of hanging out with me!!!)

After that we talked on the phone every other day or so, until Easter when I got the opportunity to head down to Sarasota to visit. We had dinner on sat night, church sun morning, then to her grandma's house that afternoon for lunch. Her family was great! And I got along really well with them. That trip went great and we made our "relationship" official just before I left town. And by official, I mean Facebook official. ;)

So theres the story. Now here are some pictures.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Couch Surfing!!!

Alrighty folks, a few months ago I decided to take a double vacation in the month of May so I could travel Europe the entire time. Unfortunately, the gang I was going with bailed because of the destruction of the dollar over there.

AAAnyways, now I'm left with basically an entire month with..well..nothing to do. All I have planned right now Is to head out to Asheville, NC to see Zach, and we are going to grab his dog Bonnie and hit the trails for 3 or 4 days..and by trails I mean the Appalachian trail. But other than that, I have nothing planned.

The other issue with this is that I have no money. I mean I have money, but not anything to go travel the world with. I can get a flight to another country for a lot cheaper than normal, but still the whole shabang is rather...pricey.

I just flew with this girl, who is a rabid traveller, rock climber, and camper. I told her all about my double vacation, and she THREW...A....FIT.


well surely. I'm just not sure its going to be out of the country.

Then she told me about Basically its a website where people offer up their couches...FOR FREE...for travelers who want to actually experience the local culture, instead of staying at some resort. She said she's couch surfed in Boulder, CO and has hosted 3 different international surfers at her couch at home.

Awesome, right?? I think I might do it. I think it would be a blast. I just don't know where to go!!! New zealand? Finland? Mongolia? What do you think? Any ideas?


Thursday, March 13, 2008

You've been there the whole time???

First of all, I just gotta say that the way the media spins things are ridiculously...well...sick and irritating. Thats all about that.

So heres a fun and exciting story. The past couple months I've gotten emails from friends Katie Coldwell and Rebecca Wilkinson, ACU and Harding grads, respectively,and also fellow employees. They were telling me that they had a friend they went to church with that was now a fellow flight attendant in Chicago, and they we needed to meet up...and be friends apparently.

And now too soon after that I received a message from this said person, whose name was Drew, that he was bored sitting reserve in Chicago and that he had heard about in essence he wanted to be my friend.

If theres one thing I need, it's guy friends.

So I messaged him back, and said that when I'm in town I'll look him up and maybe we'll get together.

So a month, 2 months, then 3 go by. I get lazy, I never look him up, and we never hang out.

Then I get a facebook message from him, once again saying that we need to hang out. and once again I check his schedule, and the day I'm going to be in Chicago early, he wasn't there...missed once again.

So just this past Monday night, I was sitting in my crash pad, watching tv and browsing my computer. Then I opened up my hard drive (not physically, on my desktop). When you open this the computer scans for other networked computers. And there, on the left, in my menu items, was a networked computer: "Drew Shreeve's Computer."

Well thats interesting. It took me a second for me to come to my senses, and I realized that if it was showing his computer, he must be nearby. I sat, and pondered for about 30 seconds...there's another crashpad in the basement below us...I wonder...

And obviously, instead of sending him a message saying "HEY MESSAGE ME BACK I THINK YOU LIVE BENEATH ME!" I went straight down there, knocked on the door, and a tall guy opens the door.

"are you drew??"

" yeah!"

"hi, I'm Jeremy. apparently we have mutual friends in Dallas."

And that was that.


Saturday, March 08, 2008

Poor Benny

Wow. Please don't bail on this video just because its jerry springer.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Go-Go Gummi's !

This post is really quite pointless, but...

what would I do without the gummi's?

Really when I got into the outdoors, I had no idea of the potency of gummi bears. If I go skiing, hiking, biking, whatever, I normally take maybe a sandwich, snickers maybe, and a Clif bar. Unfortunately sandwich's get old and clif bars are expensive.

But man, let me tell you, middle of the day when your're skiing, and you just need a boost of energy, just bring a long a sack of gummi bears and you'll be good to go.

Don't believe me? Just check out the back of the packaging. I was amazed to see a simple 14 gummi bears have 11% of your daily value of carbs. it's like theres nothing else in those things, save a few grams of sugar, except for carbs, It truly is amazing. I just may try living on those things.

Ok, and get this, today snowboarding I noticed my big bottom lip, numb from cold, probably drooping past my chin...well I think it began to flap in the wind.