Friday, March 14, 2008

Couch Surfing!!!

Alrighty folks, a few months ago I decided to take a double vacation in the month of May so I could travel Europe the entire time. Unfortunately, the gang I was going with bailed because of the destruction of the dollar over there.

AAAnyways, now I'm left with basically an entire month with..well..nothing to do. All I have planned right now Is to head out to Asheville, NC to see Zach, and we are going to grab his dog Bonnie and hit the trails for 3 or 4 days..and by trails I mean the Appalachian trail. But other than that, I have nothing planned.

The other issue with this is that I have no money. I mean I have money, but not anything to go travel the world with. I can get a flight to another country for a lot cheaper than normal, but still the whole shabang is rather...pricey.

I just flew with this girl, who is a rabid traveller, rock climber, and camper. I told her all about my double vacation, and she THREW...A....FIT.


well surely. I'm just not sure its going to be out of the country.

Then she told me about Basically its a website where people offer up their couches...FOR FREE...for travelers who want to actually experience the local culture, instead of staying at some resort. She said she's couch surfed in Boulder, CO and has hosted 3 different international surfers at her couch at home.

Awesome, right?? I think I might do it. I think it would be a blast. I just don't know where to go!!! New zealand? Finland? Mongolia? What do you think? Any ideas?



jch said...

i live vicariously through you so if you DON'T do this couch surfing thing, I'm gonna be angry. i say go for europe! i've never been there so, again, living through you, i'll experience it!

Katie said...

You should totally go to thailand! its super cheap there--and you can get a 1-hour massage for $6 seriously! or, what about montreal--i want to go there. or, egypt--that was one of my favorite places. let's talk!

The Future said...

Dude- just surf our couch- we don't mind!! There are 1,000s of miles of trails in NC alone- you won't be sad.

Sure beats Mongolia!

Dav said...

Couchsurfing rules! I've not done it yet, but have been a member for several years. Once I get a decent place, I plan on offering up my couch again. Good times!

Elizabeth said...

Hey-my mom has several friends who have used the over in Europe and they all loved it! And these are not just young and up for anything types - there are some pretty stayed middle age missionaries in there too and they went on and on about how fantastic the experience was...Brandon and I basically do this already for all the people we know.