Thursday, March 06, 2008

Go-Go Gummi's !

This post is really quite pointless, but...

what would I do without the gummi's?

Really when I got into the outdoors, I had no idea of the potency of gummi bears. If I go skiing, hiking, biking, whatever, I normally take maybe a sandwich, snickers maybe, and a Clif bar. Unfortunately sandwich's get old and clif bars are expensive.

But man, let me tell you, middle of the day when your're skiing, and you just need a boost of energy, just bring a long a sack of gummi bears and you'll be good to go.

Don't believe me? Just check out the back of the packaging. I was amazed to see a simple 14 gummi bears have 11% of your daily value of carbs. it's like theres nothing else in those things, save a few grams of sugar, except for carbs, It truly is amazing. I just may try living on those things.

Ok, and get this, today snowboarding I noticed my big bottom lip, numb from cold, probably drooping past my chin...well I think it began to flap in the wind.



Natasha said...

gummie bears are my favorite candy ever!

kentbrantly said...

i bought some gummi bears just the other day at the drug store. i thought, "i really want some gummi bears," and there they were, for 99 cents.
by the way, when it comes to gummi bears:
carbs = sugar