Thursday, March 13, 2008

You've been there the whole time???

First of all, I just gotta say that the way the media spins things are ridiculously...well...sick and irritating. Thats all about that.

So heres a fun and exciting story. The past couple months I've gotten emails from friends Katie Coldwell and Rebecca Wilkinson, ACU and Harding grads, respectively,and also fellow employees. They were telling me that they had a friend they went to church with that was now a fellow flight attendant in Chicago, and they we needed to meet up...and be friends apparently.

And now too soon after that I received a message from this said person, whose name was Drew, that he was bored sitting reserve in Chicago and that he had heard about in essence he wanted to be my friend.

If theres one thing I need, it's guy friends.

So I messaged him back, and said that when I'm in town I'll look him up and maybe we'll get together.

So a month, 2 months, then 3 go by. I get lazy, I never look him up, and we never hang out.

Then I get a facebook message from him, once again saying that we need to hang out. and once again I check his schedule, and the day I'm going to be in Chicago early, he wasn't there...missed once again.

So just this past Monday night, I was sitting in my crash pad, watching tv and browsing my computer. Then I opened up my hard drive (not physically, on my desktop). When you open this the computer scans for other networked computers. And there, on the left, in my menu items, was a networked computer: "Drew Shreeve's Computer."

Well thats interesting. It took me a second for me to come to my senses, and I realized that if it was showing his computer, he must be nearby. I sat, and pondered for about 30 seconds...there's another crashpad in the basement below us...I wonder...

And obviously, instead of sending him a message saying "HEY MESSAGE ME BACK I THINK YOU LIVE BENEATH ME!" I went straight down there, knocked on the door, and a tall guy opens the door.

"are you drew??"

" yeah!"

"hi, I'm Jeremy. apparently we have mutual friends in Dallas."

And that was that.



The Future said...

Aw... almost brought a tear to my eye!!

How's the new friendship, dude?

Oh, and you have more than enough guy friends, I'm sitting here waiting for you to come knock on my door. And don't think of me as married, so I don't count. Think of it as a 2 friends for 1 deal, which is even better. 3 if you count bonnie!

Katie said...

Oh I'm SO glad y'all are friends now! I think you'll have a blast!
We really need to take a trip together soon!

Brown Sugar said...

hey....don't think of me as married either....cause i'm not married.....but i know...i count as one of your few guy friends...but i'm never around. i'm waiting for my brother to perfect the physics of teleportation so I can get to golden in an instant and show up as a whole and healthy human being...not as a cloud of scattered atoms....but if i did show up as a cloud of scattered atoms, take a picture.