Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Hold the phone, I'm not done yet!

Ok so I'm skipping a REALLY AWESOME trip to DC to see the first game of the baseball season (the lame one in Tokyo DOES NOT COUNT). I feel like I'm behind and I need to catch up with whats happening NOW. Dan blogged about it, so go there.

So I got home on Sunday night. First time in..well quite a while I've been home, and my first order of business was snowboard shopping. I've already let the other one go. Theres absolutely nothing I can do about it, so lets just go ahead and move on.

Monday morning I sat around and did nothing. Went to the coffee shop where Kelsie works, read the paper, had a cup, went home, successfully integrated Tami's music library into mine (now up to 11,000 songs), and sat around some more, mostly just waiting for Kelsie to get off of work at 1215. She wanted to go snowboard shopping with me.

So finally we left around 1, headed for Colorado Ski and Golf shop, and perused the limited selection of boards. Now I'm NOT an expert on these things. My last one I selected online not knowing anything about it. So I'm at a loss looking at all these boards. The salesman was very nice, and..well adamant about certain brands. He pointed out a Salomon Strobe that looked pretty cool, it was in my price range, and at a pretty good discount. But thinking that I probably should look around some more, I put it on a 24 hour hold so nobody would come behind me and get it before I could get back.

I asked them to disconnect themselves from being an employee for a minute, and direct me to some other good snowboard shops. I got a list that I had never even heard of....BC, Zoomy's, Boardroom...

The Boardroom was the closest, so we headed there.

It was a small shop specializing in snowboards and skateboards. In particular, they were a large dealer of Never Summer Industries. I'd heard of them, but didn't know a whole lot. Plus they had a lot of really cool boards. Unfortunately the ones he picked out for me had horrible graphics on it or were out of my price range, and the ones I liked he didn't have in a size that would fit me.

I saw another one I liked, but it also was too big. So I asked if he had a smaller size. He said he might, and headed into to back.

A few minutes later, he emerged with a different board in a plastic sheath, with the bottom facing us. He pulled it out, and said he didn't have the board I had wanted, but that he would let this particular board, in my size, go for 299. He flipped it over, and Kelsie and I were both in awe. I loved it. Plus it was a $500 dollar board. It's called a Never Summer Premier. He spouted off things about it that I didn't understand, and I told him the board I used to have. "This one will blow that one away."

I was sold.

Whats better is that I'm supporting the local economy, as Never Summer hand makes all their boards here in Denver.

I even went over and picked out some new Burton Mission bindings that I got for $110, retail $170.

When I got home, just for kicks, I looked up some reviews online, and they were nothing but spectacular. I can' t wait to use it.

Most of the resorts are closing this weekend, so I think I'm going to go try it out tomorrow. Heres a picture of it. I might take one tomorrow with snow.



The Future said...

Now that is one SWEET looking board.

Actually, if you look at it from far away, it would be a sweet looking band-aid.

Nice Washington story. Good thing the Nationals have no fans. Also, check out the blog you linked to. Check out who replied to it.

Brown Sugar said...

i am not the same adam brown. you have got to believe me....i'm not a german banker...or whatever he is.....but i too would like to make money by typing things onto a computer.

Griswold said...

I've never met either the Adam Brown that comments on this blog frequently or the German banker who commented on my post. Weird.

Sweet board Jackson.