Tuesday, April 08, 2008

I Give Up

Sort of a weird title considering the last post, but then...i just wanted to prove to Tami that I can spell weird correctly.

Ugh. I can't believe I'm about to admit this to the entire world, as it is a highly painful story for me to recount. But I guess this is one of the many reasons I have this blog...to get things off my chest.

So shortly after seeing Tami in Sarasota, I flew off to Reno to see my old (he's not old, just known him a while) pal Bobby Hulett. He and his family, along with Albert Addison, were driving up from Oakland for a week of skiing and winter fun, and they invited me along. So I quickly packed up my snowboard, snowshoes, and ski jacket for the trip.

the next day, after arriving in Reno, I went down to claim my luggage when...uh oh..its not there. Ok so no big deal, maybe it got on the next flight from vegas and it will be here shorty. Oh no. 1 hour later the next vegas flight arrived and it wasn't on there either. Still not completely freaking out yet, I reported my loss to baggage. They were genuinely concerned, and told me that bags rarely get lost overnight, but I would just have to come back to Reno when they found it to pick it up.

Well I left. And long story short, I haven't seen it since.

At this point I'm convinced that it was stolen. I lollygagged getting down to baggage claim, and the fact that an easily identifiable bag such as a snowboard bag not showing up anywhere in the system after 2 weeks pretty much points to theft.

SOOO, I'm now out a snowboard, its bindings, my ski jacket, snowshoes, and some linens off my bed. But this is it. I'm washing my hands of the situation and getting over it.

You lose a snowboard, you get the girl. I'll take that trade.

I guess I know where I'm spending my tax return/stimulus check.

But not to take away from the trip. It was great. Spent quality time with old friends, snowboarding with magnificent views of Lake Tahoe, and a newfound talent at video-jump rope at circus circus in Reno. Here are some photos.


Deanna said...

Ha I have trouble spelling weird, wierd too. Isn't the rule i before e except after c? Stupid english language!!!
What a bummer about your board and stuff though. Sorry about that!

The Juice said...

apparently there is another exception to that rule. Tami knows it. I'll tell her chime in and reveal all her grammar knowledge.

Tami said...

I think it is the etymology of the word, maybe with Old English origins.
I wish I had a snappy rhyme for you. Jeremy found this one with the help of Wikipedia: I before E / except after C / We live in a weird society.
But really...it's a scam to keep English teachers in business. ;) I know, I taught it. We would run out of grammar curriculum by 4th grade if we didn't confuse people indefinitely. I refer you to the "stupid English language" comment. :)