Sunday, April 27, 2008

Rumble In the Littlest Big City

Friday night we landed in Reno. We were to stay there for the night, and leave around 10am the next morning.

And in fact, thats exactly what happened.

Only that night, we got to our hotel exhausted, an hour late, and finally got into our rooms ready to pass out for the evening around 11:30. I went to the bathroom to take my contacts out, when I heard a commotion next door. it was a bunch of jr high to high school age girls (a sports team probably) out in the hall. And I then realized that the hotel was swaying, back and forth, quite significantly. Especially since we were on the 16th floor, the movement was quite pronounced. I felt like I was having a bout of vertigo. I kind of stood still for a minute, slightly bracing myself, waiting to see what happened.

Nothing did. The swaying eventually stopped. No alarms sounded. Nobody evacuated. the only thing that didn't stop was the annoying "keep me up all night" voices outside my door.

I then realized that the girls outside were talking about an earthquake. Not really taking them seriously, for they were adolescent females, I wrote off the whole thing as just a gusty wind, for I knew these buildings were meant to give a little in such situations. I laid down that night hoping that the girls next door would settle down and go back to their rooms...and be quiet, which they shortly did.

The odd activity soon left my mind, and I went to sleep.

The next day I woke up, did my thing, then got ready while I was chatting on the phone with Tami. As I was leaving my room to go to the lobby, I mentioned the odd swaying to her, and within a few seconds, she told me that her mom and seen on the news that there had been an earthquake...4.7 in magnitude, 3 miles west of where I now stood. A little surprised, I went downstairs.

I soon learned that it was all true. Not that I doubted my girlfriends mother, but it was all confirmed. There had been an earthquake. Jessica, the girl I was working with, who grew up on the west coast, was used to such things and ended up shushing the girls outside my door with a stern "It's just an earthquake! Get over it!" How I never heard this, I dunno...or maybe her voice fit in seamlessly with their voices. ;)

Now apparently it's a big deal, as they are talking about the possibility of a larger earthquake in the near future because of all the aftershocks..over a 100.

So anyways, just wanted to say that I'm proud to have survived my first earthquake.

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, here is a story on CNN.



Brown Sugar said...

"It's just an earthquake! Get over it!"

she's tough.

that's like us camping in N.C. and saying "That's just a bear sniffing our tent! Get over it!"

or. "It's just a T-Rex! Get over it!"

or maybe i'm exaggerating too much.

The Future said...

Whoa- T-Rex? Are we camping at Jurassic Park?

Crazy, Jeremy. At least you have one under your belt now.