Thursday, May 15, 2008

Art Loeb Trail

Believe it or not, I've never been backpacking. Over the past 2 years, I've slowly gathered the required equipment to do so, but just never actually planned a trip. So after last years (or was it 2 years ago??) yosemite trip, we decided to get the crew back together for another outdoors adventure. Unfortunately Grubbsy, due to an upcoming baby, was unable to join us. (Next year, baby! literally!) So last friday Adam flew from Dallas and I from Denver over to Greensville, SC, then immediately drove down to Zach's home of Asheville, NC. After a short weekend and the gathering of equipment on Monday, we headed out on tuesday. We spent the majority of the day day hiking 8 miles without packs with melissa (actually Mel carried the pack.haha) to see some local waterfalls. She would drop us (and Bonnie, Zach's Border Collie/English Setter Mix) off that evening at the beginning of the Art Loeb Trail where we would squeeze in a few miles to get a head start. We had 3 days to do 30 miles. We got 3 miles in that first day.

I'll leave the rest to the pics and some captions. But i will say the most challenging part of the trail, aside from the mountiains we had to climb (the entire thing was basically peak to gap, over and over. The trail was rated "strenuous") was WATER. I believe there were only 4 spots along the trail where you could get water. And it wasn't a river, it was barely a trickle, only enough to pump into the filter.

Bridal Veil Falls, during the day hike

Setting off

Thats the sign...

We think she was having a good time

First sign of water, 7 miles into the trail

She wasn't the only one exhausted. This is at the base of Mt Pilot, a ridiculous climb up to 5500 ft. We had to make it over to find water for the evening, and since we'd already done 10 miles, we opted to follow the road around the mountain.

I believe this is self explanatory

Day 3...already. Day 2 was so long and hard not many photos were taken.

Ok, so at the end of day 2, adam and zach wanted to call Mel to pick us up at one of the roads. I tried to talk them out of it, but they were set on it. This is adam on one of the phone call attempts. We eventually got ahold of her, but she couldn't find anyone to pick us up until 6pm. Realizing the trail got slightly easier, we opted to continue. YES!


Climbing Black Balsam Knob

She never left his side

The views got amazing
Group photo

Entering Shining Rock Wilderness. We got lost twice here. And it rained on us that night. Hard.

I can smell them through the photo.

This is just hilarious.

Up to the Narrows

Day 3: Bonnie is noticibly tired

View from the Narrows

The "home stretch." Unfortunately it was 4 miles long.

Finished!!!! 38 total miles in 4 days!

The night before we left town we had a shishkabob dinner at the house, out on the back deck, sunset, and watermelon. It was perfect.



JonGrubbs said...

I'll try and make the next trip, buddy. Sad to miss it, but huge things are happening here in Austin. The pictures are great. I also love that The Future has no shame in representing the tapered sweats under his khakis. So sweet.

There are some gorgeous hills around my house that I KNOW have some great hikes if we ever wanna do a day camp or something like that.


Griswold said...

Glad you finally got to head out on a backpacking trip of your own!

The Future said...

Awesome pictures!!

Good story, the way you told it.

I just put a few of mine up, plus a few videos.