Thursday, May 01, 2008

Coors Rocks!

So its not just me! recently did an online poll of the best baseball stadiums. Before I read it, I predicted that we would rank somewhere in top 10...well actually I thought we DESERVED to be somewhere in the top 10. And I was right! I enjoy the fact that everything i hate about fenway and wrigley is what ended up knocking them down so far. And they only things that we ranked poorly in are things we don't have a lot of control over (tradition) and things I don't care about (promotions). Now if we could only work on that fan IQ...I just think thats a product of our lack of history. We'll get there.

If you would like to see all the reasons why I love this stadium, I wrote a post on the subject about a year ago.

And while we're on the rockies, our second year stud shortstop Troy Tulowitzki (ok so he's in his sophomore slump, hitting somewhere around the mendoza line, and he just went on the DL. He'll be alright) has his own chant out at the stadium. It's nothing overly creative, but definitely overly fun to do. It's based on a chant we all know and love, but instead of ending it with "let's go!" we end it with "Tulo!" It's become quite the fan favorite.

So the local fox sports station did a commercial based on it. Here it is!

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