Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Mt Shavano and FIBARK!

This past weekend I climbed my second 14er in Mount Shavano.
It wasn't easy, as we (Danna, Erin and I. Tami figured 1 week is not long enough before climbing a 14er, so she stayed home) got lost once due to snow covering the trail, and we had no idea even which peak we were trying to climb, as we arrived past dark the previous night. After we reached the top, a guy up there said he had climbed 12 of them, and this was the most difficult.

That evening we were met by the rest of the crew (including Tami, on her first CO camping trip!) ready to enjoy Fibark (first in boating the Arkansas). We camped that night, then headed into town for the festivities, which included tons of food, skateboarding, and of course lots of whitewater kayaking.

So anyways, as usual, I let the pics tell the story.

Grove of Aspens

Crossing a small creek

Danna trying to find the trail..which she did...unfortunately it wound around, right back into the snow.

Erin scrambling. After getting lost, we were just climbing UP. Right before climbing yet another false summit, I noticed the trail..WAY OUT YONDER.

We traversed the side of this mountain on the left, at 13,000ft, for quite a ways.

AHA! The peak.

View right before starting the peak

Made it!



The three of us

Got me some gaiters for the snow that had covered the trail. There was tons of it, and we continuously lost the trail, but we figured it out.

And here are the pictures from Fibark. First is the Hooligan Race, which is just some local idiots who build odd boats, some which barely float, and just end up breaking apart. Here are two boats that didn't make it through the rapids.

And the freestyle kayak competition. It was amazing what these guys can do, including front and backflips, sometimes without their head even touching the water!



Anonymous said...

Jeremy, Did you know that Shavano is one of the peaks Chris and I did on Trek? I've stood on those rocks too. Anyway, I loved your photo of the flipping kayak.
Good shooting. And as always, the pictures tell the story.

laura jo said...

Mt. Shavano was the mountain we attempted on Trek, too. We had horrible weather, though, and didn't get to summit.

Sara said...

My only Trek was Mt. Shavano, I think almost exactly (to the month anyway) ten years prior to your trip this year. My dad and I were able to do it together, and it was AWESOME. I've never forgotten what it was like to stand on the peak and see how awesome it was all around. I remember the aspen grove, it was beautiful (proably the best pictures taken on our trip), as well as that ENDLESS saddle between false peaks. Just when we thought we were getting close... not so much. Did you see the Shavano Angel?

Those pictures not only told the story, they brought forward a great memory. Thanks. =)

Sara Nichols (formerly Tooley)