Saturday, July 12, 2008

Do they never learn???

Ok so the new iphone came out. People lined up to get it. Store sells out in minutes. Remember when people did that when the first iphone came out, then apple decided to drop the price 200 bucks, and those very people were mad because they got ripped off? WELL YA DID IT AGAIN! Just don't get all pissy this time, ok?


Tamara said...

Very astute observation; I didn't even think of that! You're right though, they fell for it...again.

Brown Sugar said...

well...currently i'm still with sprint which sucks in dallas....but i know several people selling their 1st generation iphones to upgrade or because they are about to go to ACU and get a free one i might buy one of those.....or i'll wait a while and get the new iphone after any possible price drop....or' just ready to jump on the iphone bandwagon (but i'm allowed caus i've been using apple products since the 80's)