Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Field Report: Detroit Tigers

Oh you poor AL bench players. You will forever be pinch runners.

Sunday I had the day off and the opportunity to day trip to Detroit to catch an afternoon Tigers game. After waiting for almost an hour, I caught the city bus headed for downtown. On the way, I was highly disappointed in the endless poor neighborhoods I passed through. though I guess "disappointed" means I expected much, which I didn't.

The stadium was beautiful. Right downtown, none of this suburia mess, Giant Tiger statue out front. I was impressed with the completely sold out stadium. I went to the box office, and picked up one of the few tickets remaining, not unreasonably priced. (Read: Chicago Cubs, Boston Red Sox; Right field, $22)

Entering the stadium I picked up my $1 scorecard (free pencil!) and was ushered to my seat. The scorecard was nice, thick paper stock, nice picture on front. As I opened it up, I was disappointed with the poor layout. Only 10 spaces to write names??? Are you kidding? Oh yeah, in the AL theres no reason. Barely any subs, aside from pinch runners.

Curtis Granderson hit a homerun that lands 5 feet from my seat. As always, its given to a small child.

The guy behind me is also filling out the box score. These fans are traditionalists.

Tigers ended up taking the game, avoiding the sweep.

Other than that, it was overrall a pretty pleasurable experience, aside from things not working out so well at the airport. I had to check in at 550am and didn't land until midnight.

I lived.


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