Thursday, July 17, 2008

Mistakes that make my job MUCH MUCH harder

I'm hot about this one:

Biggist Mistakes made by the luggage industry. Well, good for them, terrible for us.

1. Putting wheels on luggage. Hooray! Allows folks to bring along...well pretty much EVERYTHING. (Sonny, would you mind lifting this over your head and putting it into the bin for me? Be careful, It's filled with books.) Or gold bars.

2. Putting wheels on briefcases. Nice, now we can't even carry around paper. It must also be wheeled. And why is this bad? Case in point: Kansas City to Chicago, lots of business men who think the whole wheeled briefcase thing is completely awesome. They bring their allotment of 2 carry on items, luggage plus briefcase, however they fill both up, expand them, so now BOTH can ONLY go into the overhead bin. (DID YOU KNOW that as an airline we can be fined by the FAA for allowing people to put 2 items up there??) It just won't fit underneath the seat. Awesome. Only 60 of 137 people have gotten on and all the overhead bins are completely full. I walk around the plane looking for more room, and I see wheeled briefcase after wheeled briefcase. I just don't have the time to pull down briefcases, find out whose it is, ridicule them, and check their bags. RIDICULOUS. And the poor people behind them have nowhere to put their luggage.

Although I would like to congratulate Matt Holliday and Aaron cook who represented the Rox quite well at the all-star game. I mean, bases loaded non out and you get 3 ground balls and 3 outs at home??? amazing.



jch said...

But not amazing enough, JJ. The AL, once again, took care of business. Just another day in the park for us. I hope you took the time to go see my response to your K-Rod as Cy Young comment on my blog. :)

The Juice said...

just givin' credit where its due.

The Future said...

Dude, at least SW isn't charging for checked bags yet (they aren't right?).

I had to fly AA to Laura/Eric's wedding, and it was terrible. Since no one wants to get ripped off for checking their luggage, everyone brought everything with them, which made takeoff/landing TERRIBLE!! It took forever, all because some AA penny-pinchers thought this was a good way to nickel and dime us.

Now I really enjoyed flying NWA to Austin. Every plane was at the gate at least 45 min./1 hour ahead of our flight. Then if your bag was too big, they had a free valet bag service, where you can pick the bag up after the flight, right at the gate. I loved it.

And I got to see Big E in Knoxville, so win/win.

Oh, and sorry you can't be a saints fan anymore- heard about the Shockey trade!