Monday, August 25, 2008

City Nicknames!

Here are a few city nicknames that I have heard over the past 3 1/2 years. You should be able to pick out the real city name.

Sacapatatoes, Smurfville (ok this is sacramento, the second one stemming from its city code: SMF)
Lost Wages

ok so this is all of them I know. (I thought I knew more) Anybody know any others?


kenny [ ] said...

A skycap at Newark-Liberty once told me I was going to Fort Liquordale (Fort Lauderdale), Florida... turns out he was right!

laura g said...

don't forget bananaland at BNA!

The Juice said...

ahh yes, ft liquordale. Ive heard that one before! nice. though bananaland is definitely new to me!

Kristen said...

This isn't exactly adding to your list, but in our part of CT there are two hospitals with nicknames. One is called Windham and one is Day Kimball. There nicknames are
Wound 'em and Day Kill 'em.

laura g said...

dude, you told me about bananaland in the first place!!

The Future said...

I never heard it called slowdeatha until after I graduated college. Seems they didn't take to my leaving too kindly!