Wednesday, August 20, 2008

How to Make a Flight Attendant Happy

Yes, we can be grouchy. When you get stuck inside an aluminum tube with hundreds of people hours at a time and you are given the reigns to impart some sort of civilized environment, it can be enough to stress anyone out. Here's how to make our job SO much easier:

1) Be aware of those around you.

Thats it. Its not what you do to us, it's what you do to others. Well, yeah be nice to us too. I could go on all day about this, but I feel that I shouldn't have to.

And thought of the...week I guess...on the Olympics.

Isn't it funny that on the U.S. Olympic team we have Russian gymnasts (Nastia Luikin) African runners (Abdi Abdirahman) Laotian Badminton players (Khan Malaythong) and Japanese Judo (Sayaka Matsumoto)?? All of these athletes countries traditionally excel at those sports. How odd would it be to see a white boy born in Iowa running the 100 for Jamaica??


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Brown Sugar said...

i'm nice to everyone on the plane...that's all about that..

now i've been watching the olympics very intensely...pretty much haven't missed of minute of aired time from 7:00pm-1:00am every day of the olympics....i too still find it odd at times to see a foreign raised/born athlete compete for the US....not odd in a bad way at all's just funny at times....but it does say good things about the USA, which is nice especially in the time when we are losing some popularity over issues on a global scale........... sometimes i wonder why they chose to represent USA instead of their native country.. i think a lot of them ended up over here to escape the conflicts in their home country...and to have the ability and freedom to work and support their families and do what they want to do.

it's really interesting to see Shawn Johnson being trained by a former Chinese gymnast and then for him to get to go back to his home country and have Shawn win medals for the USA in Beijing.

Nastia has lived in the US since she was a baby/toddler...both her parents were russian gymnasts and gold medalists.....but i'm very happy she chose to play for USA...and i could meet her some time since she'll be going to SMU and I have friends at church who are friends of her family...

and one of our female divers is chinese. We definately need China on our side in diving

I just love the olympics...i've always been a huge fan...and it really does set aside all differences and disputes from one country to another and focuses on the amazing abilities we have as humans... if they can get out there and have friendly competion with someone from a rivaling country, then we should get along with others as well.

i could go on about olympics..but i'll wait and see if another topic comes up.....

hurry and get to texas. i miss you in a totally heterosexual way.