Friday, August 01, 2008

Screw your head on straight!!!

In September of 1939 Germany invaded Poland, sparking the beginning of the second world war. Germany was a world power that held a form of government called communism.* Flash forward a couple years and in America, the very word "communism" was not even to be uttered in public.

*Retraction: I've been corrected that Germany was not communist, but fascist. But the point is still in tact. Thanks for making me look DUMB, grubbsy. ;)

It's just a form of government that happens not to work. Nothing about Communism is inherently "evil". Unfortunately it all got wrapped up to become synonymous with the Nazis. Just because someone thinks Communism just might work, doesn't mean that he would like to travel Europe enslaving Jews.

Flash forward to today, and the country is all up in arms because one of our Presidential candidates is being accused of being Muslim. Do I care if he is Muslim? No. No I don't. I don't think he is, but even if he were, I don't think it matters. Just because a President is a Christian doesn't make him a good leader of a nation, and in the same way a President being Muslim doesn't make him a bad one.

For most Muslims, the only crime they ever committed was being loosely associated with the Muslims who act as terrorists...those terrorists are only extremists. I found this quote by Richard Bulliet, who is a professor of Middle Eastern history at Columbia, and he says it pretty well.

"Jim Jones, David Koresh and Meir Kahane do not typify Christianity and Judaism in the eyes of the civilized West, but those same eyes are prone to see Osama bin Laden and Mullah Muhammad Omar as typifying Islam," Richard Bulliet

I just worked with a girl who happened to be part Pakistani. She was born here to an Oklahoman mother and a Pakistani father, who was in the Air Force. She rattled off story after story of ignorant folks who constantly bring her and her family into question just because of her Middle Eastern name. Shameful.

What do you think of when you here the word "Allah?" I'll admit that for a time, in my younger and more ignorant days, I just thought of a terrorist running into a crowd of people with bombs strapped to him. Allah is only an Islamic term for God. Yeah, the same God that you and I pray to. Granted the religion from there on down is different (Jesus-Muhammed), but I think the God is one in the same.

What, do you think that if a Muslim becomes president that he's gonna just invite terrorists to come over and have a field day? Please, grow up. Vote for whoever you want, just don't let a skewed view of Islam cloud your judgment.


jch said...

Jeremy, brother! Great stuff here! I've been making this same argument but I think you say it even better. Thanks for stepping out like this because I'm guessing that not all your readership here agrees with what you are saying. So good work.

JonGrubbs said...

Excellent bro. Only thing is, NAZI Germany was fascist socialist, not communist. Hitler hated communism with a passion. Sorry for being the history NERD!

The Juice said...

haha, touche my friend. stupid russians. I guess the point is still there, right? ;)

Anonymous said...

i'll be real with ya. i dont really agree about the muslim thing. I could be wrong but if you look at other countries with Muslim rulers... trouble brews. Isn't france on its way to a muslim majority in their politics. i dont have a problem with muslim's (the non extrimists of course) but whatever i think i made my point,

Anonymous said...

I know your "stupid russians" comment in your comment section is only a joke but it resembles the same ignorance towards muslims that you speak against.

Secondly, same God? Our God says that the only way to him is via his Son. Is that what the Muslims believe? Is it really the same God?

The Juice said...

thats sort of a little joke between my friends. which makes me wonder, and you are??

also, yeah the same God. the creator. Muslims believe God sent Muhammed, and we believe He sent Jesus. to me thats the same God, just a different belief on what happened. sure, A BIG difference, but still..

If someone were worshipping a golden idol, THATS a different god.