Monday, September 29, 2008

Playin some ball with a Hall of Famer

Not too long ago I entered a contest here at work: Write an essay about a time you "hit one out of the park" (i.e. did something great for a customer) and win a trip to play baseball with Nolan Ryan.

Well I did not win, but my friend Kevin did. (For the 2nd time), and invited me to come along as his guest.

So needless to say, the weekend was PHENOMENAL. Much better than I ever could have expected. 10 employees and their guests flew into Albany, NY along with 10 customers and their guests. It was fun to meet folks from around the country with same interests as you. Here were some highlights from the weekend:

-Filet Minon dinner on the first night

-Playing softball on a recreational soccer field because Doubleday field was flooded. It was awesome to see Nolan helping move benches and setting down bases to help set up the field. He was really into the game and his wife was the backup catcher. It had such a pickup-game feel and was a very intimate setting that many of us think it was better than playing on Doubleday Field. Nolan was quoted saying that he'll keep doing this weekend every year as long as Southwest wants him to. BTW, as a guest I did not play, which I was really ok with.

Nolan helping move benches, as his wife looks on.

First Batter of the Game

-Dinner in the Hall of Fame, surrounded by plaques of inductees, with Nolan having a beer at the neighboring table, just hanging out, one of the guys. I can't explain how cool the experience was.

Dinner in the Hall. Yup, Nolan is in there somewhere.

Q&A Session after dinner

-Watching the carved out 1,000 lb pumkins, manned by rowers, raced on the lake.

Some Pumpkins Floated well.

Some did not

-3 hours at the Hall of Fame.

Make sure you read that story. Click on the picture to enlarge

Every Championship Ring

This was definitely a once in a lifetime experience. I have every intention of winning it next year.

Here are some other worthy pictures:

Me bringing one back into Doubleday Field

I think this quote from a former Mets manager is pretty accurate in the present.

Go here for the remainder of the pictures from the weekend.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Widow Sighting

Tami and I just got back from an early morning hike to see the aspens turning colors. (see those pictures here) When we arrived back home, I stepped into my bathroom to make sure there was a towel for her to take a shower, when I noticed a spider in the sink.

It was large and looked like it was ready to pounce on me. I soon recognized some distinctive marks on it that identified it as one of the worlds most dangerous spiders: The Black Widow. After smashing it with a shoe, I ran for the internet and my recognition was correct.

Now bears the question, what should I do? Coors is coming over to inspect the house in a couple weeks, where we will definitely mention it. But should I say something sooner? Is this not that big of a deal, just a spider who happened to wander into our house?

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Crazy Work Story!

Yesterday I was supposed to be done in chicago by 3. Unfortunatey I'm on reserve so scheduling decided I needed to be rerouted down to Oklahoma City via Kansas City. No big deal, right? Well we get down to Kansas City and its raining cats and dogs. This really isn't a big deal either, but problem is we had no pilots. They were on their way, running late, from St Louis. When they finally get there, we load up and leave.

Well we end up sitting on the runway for 15 mins or so, when the pilots call us and tell us that the control tower had shut down so we can't go anywhere until that gets back up and running. About 30 mins later we get the call, and we take off headed down to OKC.

Well later that evening at the OKC hotel, I got hungry so I headed down to the restaurant. As I'm sitting there watching the Kansas-South Florida game, I overhear a guy next to me talking on the phone about being stuck on the runway with tornadoes on the field. When he got off the phone, I asked him "You were in Kansas City today?"


"You a Pilot?"


For who?


"I think I was your flight attendant today."

We both laughed, and explained I just didn't get to say hi to him since we were in such a hurry. Then he proceeded to tell me that they had talked to the control tower, and they said "hey guys theres a tornado 1 mile south of the field, so we're evacuating. We'll see you in 30." And just left us stranded on the end of the runway, in an AIRPLANE. uh oh. haha. So they had a decision to make, either stay put or head back to the terminal. Ultimately they decided that the terminal was a quarter mile CLOSER to the tornado than we were, so they decided to stay put.

They just had been wise enough not to drop the "T" word to the passengers, or to us for that matter, for fear of scaring everybody.


Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Giants Game

These are from a few weeks ago. I finally got back home to my card reader to take the pictures off my camera. Nice stadium. I was extra tired the next day, as I didn't get back to the hotel until 11:30 and I had to be up at 5am. I paid for that for a few days, but it was worth it. I sat out by the bay.

Sorry these pics came out a little dark.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

What I Believe...A Political Blog

This is probably something you've never heard from me. And since I'm new to all this, forgive me if I sound naive or some of my facts are skewed. I try.

-Politicians act like children in a "yo mama" fight. Can't I decide on the issues instead of because one candidate bashed the other one and the other one didn't have a comeback?

-Our country was founded on democracy, and it works here, but that in no way means it works everywhere. In the history of the world there have been a plethora of types of governments that have succeeded and we think ours is best??? Are we THAT smug? Is the US the Ohio State of the world???

-Experience is often overrated:
George Washington was a seasoned War General, but had very little "political experience." At least none that I could dig up, seems most was self taught.

JFK, the second youngest president ever, spent only 6 years in Congress and 4 in the Senate.

Teddy Roosevelt, our youngest ever (and my personal favorite), spent 1 year as Secretary of the Navy, 1 as the Governor of NY, and only 7 MONTHS as VP before he became President.

And these are only some of our greatest presidents.
*Though I will admit that they all had military experience.

-Theo Epstein, at age 30, after only 12 years working in baseball (that INCLUDES time as an intern with the Orioles, then working in PR at the padres, moving up to director of baseball operations) and in only the SECOND year as GM with the Red Sox, brought the first World Series to Boston in 86 years.

-Lobbyists basically sell ads to the President. He should just walk around with a big "Exxon Mobile" sticker on his suit. And in order to best serve the needs of these companies, they are very good at spinning things to make you believe it.

-Political affiliation does not determine my place in heaven.

-I can't wait for the "you guys are both dumb" party convention. The answer is always somewhere in the middle.

-A President can't do anything unless Congress goes along.

-I would probably vote for Arnold Schwarzenegger, if he could run.

-Politicians are always all that bad, it's just a whole lot of pressure from a lot of different places. I couldn't do it.


Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Waste of 10 minutes

Sportscenter just aired Ohio States press conference after they destroyed a HORRIBLE team in Youngstown state. I just watched him name off all his players of the week.

Seriously, is there any other team that would be SO SMUG after getting annihilated two straight years in the BCS Championship game??? Seriously? Why do we care which players did well against a team whose players barely started in high school???

Monday, September 01, 2008


Why does everyone insist that Barack Obama is black when he's clearly Muli-Racial? He's no more black than he is white.