Saturday, September 13, 2008

Crazy Work Story!

Yesterday I was supposed to be done in chicago by 3. Unfortunatey I'm on reserve so scheduling decided I needed to be rerouted down to Oklahoma City via Kansas City. No big deal, right? Well we get down to Kansas City and its raining cats and dogs. This really isn't a big deal either, but problem is we had no pilots. They were on their way, running late, from St Louis. When they finally get there, we load up and leave.

Well we end up sitting on the runway for 15 mins or so, when the pilots call us and tell us that the control tower had shut down so we can't go anywhere until that gets back up and running. About 30 mins later we get the call, and we take off headed down to OKC.

Well later that evening at the OKC hotel, I got hungry so I headed down to the restaurant. As I'm sitting there watching the Kansas-South Florida game, I overhear a guy next to me talking on the phone about being stuck on the runway with tornadoes on the field. When he got off the phone, I asked him "You were in Kansas City today?"


"You a Pilot?"


For who?


"I think I was your flight attendant today."

We both laughed, and explained I just didn't get to say hi to him since we were in such a hurry. Then he proceeded to tell me that they had talked to the control tower, and they said "hey guys theres a tornado 1 mile south of the field, so we're evacuating. We'll see you in 30." And just left us stranded on the end of the runway, in an AIRPLANE. uh oh. haha. So they had a decision to make, either stay put or head back to the terminal. Ultimately they decided that the terminal was a quarter mile CLOSER to the tornado than we were, so they decided to stay put.

They just had been wise enough not to drop the "T" word to the passengers, or to us for that matter, for fear of scaring everybody.



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Very cool story! ha!