Monday, September 01, 2008


Why does everyone insist that Barack Obama is black when he's clearly Muli-Racial? He's no more black than he is white.


jch said...

This is a curious thing but I think I get it. Think about forms you have to fill out whether they are birth certificates, applications for social security cards, etc. They don't have a "mixed race" category when one needs to identify race. And so I'm guessing Obama identifies first and foremost with his African American heritage because of his physical appearance. This is in spite of growing up with a white mom and white grandparents. There's also our (the US's) intense need for him to be African American.

The Juice said...

I can follow that. I guess if we had a term for every mixed racial category, it would all be so overwhelming. I mean I have no idea what I am. And who wants to be called just "mixed?"

The Future said...

But think Juice- if a random person in the south saw Obama, would they call him black or white? Don't you think he's gotten enough heat from white people calling him names, black people saying "he's not black enough" and that he's an "african", not "african-american".