Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Waste of 10 minutes

Sportscenter just aired Ohio States press conference after they destroyed a HORRIBLE team in Youngstown state. I just watched him name off all his players of the week.

Seriously, is there any other team that would be SO SMUG after getting annihilated two straight years in the BCS Championship game??? Seriously? Why do we care which players did well against a team whose players barely started in high school???


elizabeth said...

Couldn't agree more! If they are in the top 5 at the end of the season you know they'll return to the championship game. I can only hope another SEC team (my choice: Georgia) will humiliate them yet again. To be continued...

Tamara said...

SO smug. I can't upload pictures in a comment, but this is just for fun:


The Future said...

I agree!!

I actually watched all of that game. If the voters actually watched these things, how could they rank OSU higher than 12th? Do they really think ECU wouldn't have handled them like they did WVU?

Maybe I would rank them higher knowing that Chris Wells was out. But still!

Ohio did well. I thought they could have won that thing, but their QB got knocked out, and then the backup had too many interceptions.

Notre Dame also should have lost. I think SDSU, which had a fumble at the 1, might have actually crossed the goal line.