Thursday, September 04, 2008

What I Believe...A Political Blog

This is probably something you've never heard from me. And since I'm new to all this, forgive me if I sound naive or some of my facts are skewed. I try.

-Politicians act like children in a "yo mama" fight. Can't I decide on the issues instead of because one candidate bashed the other one and the other one didn't have a comeback?

-Our country was founded on democracy, and it works here, but that in no way means it works everywhere. In the history of the world there have been a plethora of types of governments that have succeeded and we think ours is best??? Are we THAT smug? Is the US the Ohio State of the world???

-Experience is often overrated:
George Washington was a seasoned War General, but had very little "political experience." At least none that I could dig up, seems most was self taught.

JFK, the second youngest president ever, spent only 6 years in Congress and 4 in the Senate.

Teddy Roosevelt, our youngest ever (and my personal favorite), spent 1 year as Secretary of the Navy, 1 as the Governor of NY, and only 7 MONTHS as VP before he became President.

And these are only some of our greatest presidents.
*Though I will admit that they all had military experience.

-Theo Epstein, at age 30, after only 12 years working in baseball (that INCLUDES time as an intern with the Orioles, then working in PR at the padres, moving up to director of baseball operations) and in only the SECOND year as GM with the Red Sox, brought the first World Series to Boston in 86 years.

-Lobbyists basically sell ads to the President. He should just walk around with a big "Exxon Mobile" sticker on his suit. And in order to best serve the needs of these companies, they are very good at spinning things to make you believe it.

-Political affiliation does not determine my place in heaven.

-I can't wait for the "you guys are both dumb" party convention. The answer is always somewhere in the middle.

-A President can't do anything unless Congress goes along.

-I would probably vote for Arnold Schwarzenegger, if he could run.

-Politicians are always all that bad, it's just a whole lot of pressure from a lot of different places. I couldn't do it.


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The Future said...

I hate our two parties!!

They're both so dumb.

But if we vote with our mind, instead of a party, our votes don't matter. One of the parties always wins. So we have to pick which candidate we think we hate the least, based on what information we gotten from the media.


And they wonder why people our age hate the process.