Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Hi fellas. My computer is still broken. Well its not broken, but it is sans hard drive. I got my new one in the mail, but it was the wrong one.

Anyways, in news, I just got back from my 5 year reunion. I know. What other college has a 5 year reunion? haha. It was fun.

Also the leaves around Golden have been amazing. I went and took some pics. Here they are. I added them to a preexisting album, so the first have you may have seen before.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Can't Trust Either of Them

Ok, why would I vote for someone who consistently lies to me? Just the fact that there is a website called factchecker.com, used to help us find out how much these candidates are lying to us in their campaign ads, pretty much says it all. And its BOTH of them. They lie to us now, they will lie to us later.

AND THEN Mccain STILL tries to fool us with this ruse (Obama has voted to raise taxes 94% of the time, which has been proven to be a lie) at the debate tonight. UNBELIEVABLE.

On anonther note, I accidentily set my Macbook in a small puddle of coffee, and now the hard drive is fried. Its ok, most of my stuff is backed up and my new one is in the mail. (2x larger and $100 cheaper than having apple do it.)

Thursday, October 02, 2008

VP Debate Thoughts

It's only halfway through (and frankly I'm having trouble not flipping to the dodgers cubs or oregon st utah, but here are some of my thoughts:

taxes: I don't care. tax me if you have to. The problem here is honestly. Are my taxes going towards what you say, or to golden toilet seats?

same sex social rights: A non issue. It's about human rights, not gay rights.

Foreign Policy: How do we insist on other countries not having nuclear warheads, when we refuse to get rid of our own? This will forever be a stalemate. God help us.