Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Can't Trust Either of Them

Ok, why would I vote for someone who consistently lies to me? Just the fact that there is a website called factchecker.com, used to help us find out how much these candidates are lying to us in their campaign ads, pretty much says it all. And its BOTH of them. They lie to us now, they will lie to us later.

AND THEN Mccain STILL tries to fool us with this ruse (Obama has voted to raise taxes 94% of the time, which has been proven to be a lie) at the debate tonight. UNBELIEVABLE.

On anonther note, I accidentily set my Macbook in a small puddle of coffee, and now the hard drive is fried. Its ok, most of my stuff is backed up and my new one is in the mail. (2x larger and $100 cheaper than having apple do it.)

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Anonymous said...

Jeremy, Your laptop doesn't like coffee! Keep them apart. That's my best advice of the day.