Thursday, October 02, 2008

VP Debate Thoughts

It's only halfway through (and frankly I'm having trouble not flipping to the dodgers cubs or oregon st utah, but here are some of my thoughts:

taxes: I don't care. tax me if you have to. The problem here is honestly. Are my taxes going towards what you say, or to golden toilet seats?

same sex social rights: A non issue. It's about human rights, not gay rights.

Foreign Policy: How do we insist on other countries not having nuclear warheads, when we refuse to get rid of our own? This will forever be a stalemate. God help us.


The Future said...

I see what you're saying, but on the flip side, how could we ever fully trust the other countries to get rid of their nukes? That's naive and just plain stupid.

The minute they see we have no more nukes is the minute they give us an wry smirk and hit the button for their nukes.

Its easier and safer for everyone if it is a stalemate. We know the "bad" guys will always have some, so the good guys should too.

Are you hearing about this multi-trillion credit debt thing- how is cutting taxes or decreasing government spending going to solve this? These guys don't realize how much money is really involved. 700 billion is maybe 1/5 of the actual amount. And yet our generation has to pick up the pieces. Thanks baby boomers.

The Juice said...

I KNOW! thats why i think this whole nuclear thing will forever be a stalemate until someone launces one, and we'll all just kill each other.

The Future said...

Yeah- if I were to launch one, I'd make sure to safe on my moon base first.