Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Just a thought

Here on this blog, I'm not really afraid to share an opinion or just an idea. Sometimes they border on the extreme, but sometimes its just a thought process. So don't freak out.

Heres another one. I got this book at the library called "The Seige of Mecca." It also describes the birth of Al Queda. I'm not even halfway through the book, and just yesterday this is what occured to me:

Al Queda was basically formed by a group of extreme conservative Islamics. Morman Fundamentalists, led by the likes of Warren Jeffs, is the extreme conservative sect of Mormanism. (Thanks "Under the Banner of Heaven")

So heres my question: What makes extreme conservative Christians any different? Are they immune to the same ill feelings and hate toward their fellow man?

Once again, just a thought.


Brown Sugar said...

well......being a somewhat conservative Christian as myself, I hate to associate Christianiy with any other extreme group that goes around killing others who don't believe the same thing...the thing is that being extreme in your faith isnt the problem....the problem is having and extremely warped view of your faith and the way it's supposed to be carried out.......as time goes on, the methods of spreading Christianity have changed......when my dad was a child, preachers would preach hell fire and brimstone sermons that scared a lot of people into believing.....today we don't believe that's really a good way to go about it, but it worked for a lot of people.....today we value diversity and tolerance more in general than we used to....so we are taught more along the lines of grace, peace, and unity......

i guess it's possible that some "Christians" think we need to spread Christianity through force....but i would say they have a really messed up view and are not really Christians. No religion whether it's Christianity, Islam, Mormon, etc. is pro war, pro violence, or pro hate.....only people driven by fear, greed and ignorance or subject to those ill feelings towards others....i would say Al Queda is an abomination in the eyes of true conservative Muslims....same with the Mormons.....I don't agree with other religions, but I do believe they they were all started with the idea that peace and love are good things.

those are just my thoughts

The Future said...

wow, sounds like adam should get a blog! Kudos dude!

The CineManiac said...

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The CineManiac said...

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The Juice said...

go to one of these Ultra Conservative churches and TELL ME they don't have a warped sense of their religion. A lot of those places breed intolerance and hate.

I was just pointing out some scary similarities.You never know where it will end up.

The Juice said...

and Adam I don't speak of the church you go to or really most conservative ones. It's just he ones when you leave and you go "WHOA."