Saturday, December 27, 2008

So this is how it feels...

Christmas was great. I flew out to Baltimore, met up with my folks, and drove up to Tuckerton NJ and my brothers house. It was great to see them, and my nephew is a giant chatterbox, repeating everything he hears. On Christmas Day, Tami used her last companion pass to give my parents a surprise visit. (pics will come as soon as my dad sends them)

And thats where my story begins.

It was a breeze for her to fly out xmas day, but I knew it would be tough for her to get back. But with all day saturday and sunday, surely she could get on one flight...

So this morning My dad, Tami and I all got up early and drove the 1.5 hours to Philly. We got there really early so Tami would have a shot at getting on the nonstop.

Unsuccessful at getting on the nonstop, our next shot was getting her to chicago, where she would at least have a place to stay and have more options out to Denver.
This is where we realized how hard it can be to get stuck somewhere. The problem is not that you can't get on a flight, its that THERES NOONE TO TALK TO. And really its nobody's fault. The CSA's are doing everything they can, theres just so many people. Every gate had a line 10 deep, and it wasn't moving quickly. And then you just don't know which flight to try to get on!!

Ughh...since I had to work that afternoon in chicago, I ditched Tami and left her to fend for herself. When I landed in Chicago I was glad to find out that she was right behind me, on the very next flight.

Now here we were, with the rest of the day and all the next day in Chicago to get her back to Denver. We immediately ran to the next Den flight and asked the CSA if she could get on the standby list. She looked at us, and bluntly told us that non-rev's (non revenue passengers) wouldn't even have a chance until Wednesday.

Oops. See what happened is that friday night both chicago airports shut down due to fog, cancelling tons of flights and leaving tons of people stranded. Not good when you have nowhere to put them. We had anticipated full flights, but we had not anticipated a HUGE backlog of revenue standby's.

There was no way she was getting out.

A few tears and $300 later, Tami had a flight booked out of O'hare on United back to Denver..ON MONDAY. Yikes.

It all turned out to be a blessing in disguise since Tami's mom lives there. (An hour away) I spoke to her on the phone very briefly and it was then that I knew we had made the right decision. She haden't seen her daughter since May, and she was ecstatic to see her. I talked to Tami just a few hours ago and she sounded completely happy! We just have to suck up to her boss so he won't be too upset that she'll miss a day of work on Monday. ;)


Friday, December 19, 2008

Midnight Visitors

I recently read a blog about the top reasons to love colorado. here is #12

12. A fresh layer of snow on my backyard never lasts for more than a few hours before a maze of fox tracks is imprinted on it.

How true it is.

It aint a fox, (Deer, POSSIBLY but DOUBTFULLY elk, maybe one of you wildlife trackers can figure it out) but Kelsie says that while I'm gone there are more every morning. They aren't small either. Weird thing is we never see them during the day. They just leave traces of their presence.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Missing Reindeer, and I miss Baseball

Last night I was sitting around with Kristy and James watching the tail end of the Polar Express, when I noticed a glaring omission. Santa was circling the skies and there was no red nosed reindeer guiding the way. It was at that moment I realized that in most of these Christmas movies Rudolph is pretty much missing in all of them! I looked at Kristy and James and said "WHAT GIVES??"

After my question was validated, I did some research online and found out that the very idea of Rudolph is still a private entity. It has not yet entered into "public domain", therefore his name can't be thrown around like...say...SANTA CLAUS. How unfortunate.

Not many of you know Kristy and James. I recently moved into a new crashpad! Which is great, because its not really a crashpad at all. Both flight attendants, Kristy and James have been dating for 15 months and living together for probably 13 of those. (Not saying I approve) We've become good friends in the past year or so, and they invited me to come stay with them when I'm in town for $50 cheaper than my last place. Add to that the fact that Kristy loves to cook for me, for which she REFUSES reimbursement, its not a bad deal at all!

So anyway, as of Thursday, the Saints are officially out of the playoffs, LSU is playing in a second tier bowl that they will probably lose (they really don't deserve to be there), Colorado narrowly missed being bowl eligible, and we're stuck watching crappy teams for 3 weeks until we get to see Florida manhandle Oklahoma. So basically we're stuck with the NBA until springtime. ech. I'm glad I enjoy the snow.

And SPEAKING of Florida, with Tebow missing out on the heisman, get this: When Florida beats OU, we're going to have a heisman trophy winner that has lost to BOTH the other guys who were up for the award. Hilarious, for I think the Heisman is a JOKE. YES, A JOKE.

I'm sorry, but I'm gonna rant on ONE MORE THING. JUST ONE. The CUBS. And for that matter, the YANKEES too. But mostly the Cubs.
Up until yesterday, the Cubs were in seriously contention to sign perennial All-Star Jake Peavy. Probably to a huge 100 million-ish deal. Ok, not surprising. Until you realize who owns the Cubs: The Chicago Tribune. What did the Tribune do back in April and again earlier this month??? LAID OFF A SIZABLE PORTION OF THEIR NEWSROOM STAFF. Nice. And in this swell economy the Yankees are spending like its 1999. Plus the fact they just built a new stadium and made the public pay for it. These people need to get their priorities straight.

Thats all. Sorry for the very wordy and no fun pictures blog. ACTUALLY, I can show you pictures of my parents house...IN NEW ORLEANS!

Enjoy the cold.

Monday, December 08, 2008

My Little Buffalo!

I'm proud to announce that Tami just got herself a job at the University of Colorado! She'll be working in family housing, which is precisely what shes wanted to do. Long story short, this is probably a month or 2 in the making, as it started out with over 350 candidates and in the end Tami was #1! (This is more or less accurate? As others who tested above her, there were only 7, either got weeded out or were placed in other jobs. Tami correct me if I'm wrong.)

So much else to say! We just got back the other day from plucking our own Christmas tree out of the woods. It's not perfect, in fact I refer to it as our special tree, but it looks great in our front window.

Yes we have 2 trees. One is fake. And unfortunately at publishing time the lights would light on the fake one.

And the evening before that, Tami and I joined the Southwest employees here in DEN for the Parade of Lights! Tami blogged about that one, so I'll leave that to her.

And yesterday we were seeing friends in Colorado Springs, and went for a jaunt around Garden of the Gods, where I haven't been in 6 years. And in the process got some nice photos of each other:

Anyways, thats all for now! Enjoy.


Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Airline Industry Poem

Sorry I've been...away. Had a good thanksgiving, and I've uploaded a nice picture from that.

I also have a great poem tailored to the airline industry. So enjoy!

Last night as I lay sleeping
I died .. or so it seemed,
Then I went to heaven
But only in my dream

Up there St Peter met me
Standing at the pearly gates,
He said, 'I must check your record...
Please stand here and wait.'

He turned and said 'Your record
Is covered with terrible flaws,
On earth I see you rallied
For every losing cause.'

I see that you drank alcohol
And smoked and partied too,
Fact is, you've done everything
A good person should never do.

We can't have people like you up here...
Your life was full of sin,
Then he read the last of my record
Took my hand and said, 'Come in.'

He led me up to the Chief of Heaven ....
'Take him in and treat him well',
He used to work in the Airline Industry ...
He's done his time in hell.'