Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Missing Reindeer, and I miss Baseball

Last night I was sitting around with Kristy and James watching the tail end of the Polar Express, when I noticed a glaring omission. Santa was circling the skies and there was no red nosed reindeer guiding the way. It was at that moment I realized that in most of these Christmas movies Rudolph is pretty much missing in all of them! I looked at Kristy and James and said "WHAT GIVES??"

After my question was validated, I did some research online and found out that the very idea of Rudolph is still a private entity. It has not yet entered into "public domain", therefore his name can't be thrown around like...say...SANTA CLAUS. How unfortunate.

Not many of you know Kristy and James. I recently moved into a new crashpad! Which is great, because its not really a crashpad at all. Both flight attendants, Kristy and James have been dating for 15 months and living together for probably 13 of those. (Not saying I approve) We've become good friends in the past year or so, and they invited me to come stay with them when I'm in town for $50 cheaper than my last place. Add to that the fact that Kristy loves to cook for me, for which she REFUSES reimbursement, its not a bad deal at all!

So anyway, as of Thursday, the Saints are officially out of the playoffs, LSU is playing in a second tier bowl that they will probably lose (they really don't deserve to be there), Colorado narrowly missed being bowl eligible, and we're stuck watching crappy teams for 3 weeks until we get to see Florida manhandle Oklahoma. So basically we're stuck with the NBA until springtime. ech. I'm glad I enjoy the snow.

And SPEAKING of Florida, with Tebow missing out on the heisman, get this: When Florida beats OU, we're going to have a heisman trophy winner that has lost to BOTH the other guys who were up for the award. Hilarious, for I think the Heisman is a JOKE. YES, A JOKE.

I'm sorry, but I'm gonna rant on ONE MORE THING. JUST ONE. The CUBS. And for that matter, the YANKEES too. But mostly the Cubs.
Up until yesterday, the Cubs were in seriously contention to sign perennial All-Star Jake Peavy. Probably to a huge 100 million-ish deal. Ok, not surprising. Until you realize who owns the Cubs: The Chicago Tribune. What did the Tribune do back in April and again earlier this month??? LAID OFF A SIZABLE PORTION OF THEIR NEWSROOM STAFF. Nice. And in this swell economy the Yankees are spending like its 1999. Plus the fact they just built a new stadium and made the public pay for it. These people need to get their priorities straight.

Thats all. Sorry for the very wordy and no fun pictures blog. ACTUALLY, I can show you pictures of my parents house...IN NEW ORLEANS!

Enjoy the cold.


Brown Sugar said...

i did not know that about rudolph...i thought maybe he suffered a tragic death and is no longer on the sleigh team.....hence he'll go down in history.

i love that snow in new orleans...how did it miss us?!?!?..sucks.

Sara said...

That snow is very very cool... I've always (my entire life pretty much) thought that house was a "mountain" house with all the wood, and always wondered what it would look like with snow all over it. How cool!

And Jasmine is so pretty... I miss her. That is her, right?

The Future said...

Snow in New Orleans. How cool! How often did it snow when you were there, Juice?

As for the Cubs and Yankees... well, the Cubs will be selling soon, and they are too close to a "championship" (Yeah right) to not play the free agent game. At least their fans think that.

And do you think the Yankees would ever stop spending like it was 1999? I think even if it bankrupted Steinbrenner, he would go down with the ship.