Monday, December 08, 2008

My Little Buffalo!

I'm proud to announce that Tami just got herself a job at the University of Colorado! She'll be working in family housing, which is precisely what shes wanted to do. Long story short, this is probably a month or 2 in the making, as it started out with over 350 candidates and in the end Tami was #1! (This is more or less accurate? As others who tested above her, there were only 7, either got weeded out or were placed in other jobs. Tami correct me if I'm wrong.)

So much else to say! We just got back the other day from plucking our own Christmas tree out of the woods. It's not perfect, in fact I refer to it as our special tree, but it looks great in our front window.

Yes we have 2 trees. One is fake. And unfortunately at publishing time the lights would light on the fake one.

And the evening before that, Tami and I joined the Southwest employees here in DEN for the Parade of Lights! Tami blogged about that one, so I'll leave that to her.

And yesterday we were seeing friends in Colorado Springs, and went for a jaunt around Garden of the Gods, where I haven't been in 6 years. And in the process got some nice photos of each other:

Anyways, thats all for now! Enjoy.



Tamara said...

You're right about the process.

"What'd you say?"

You're right.


Anonymous said...

Go Tami! Go Buffaloes!

Tamara said...

Thanks! :)

The Future said...

Oh you're talking about Tami-

I saw the title and thought, "Ralphie!!"

Do you still have that little guy?

And congrats Tami! You'll be working near Rick!

Tamara said...

Adam, who's Rick? Should I know him?

Tamara said...

I mean Zach. :)

Brown Sugar said...

well tami, i'll tell you anyway. Rick and his wife, Bethany, were members at our church here in Dallas. They recently moved Netherland, CO because Rick got a job at CU...he's a professor of journalism i believe....they are cool.

Tamara said...

Haha, Adam! I might need to search for Rick and tell him that some awesome people told me what a cool person he is. :) Not to mention some of my favorite professors in undergrad were the ones who taught in the journalism college when I was earning my minor. I'll see if I can look him up at some point.

The Future said...

Yeah Tami you should. I think Rick knows Jeremy, or at least knows of him, as Adam, Josue, and I shared our exploits with the Juice loudly.